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995825_10151445998252623_2026032426_nNetWeave founder Kevin McNulty and Marketing Manager Melanie Torres have presented workshops and keynotes for dozens of groups including:

  • University of South Florida
  • Manatee Chamber of Commerce
  • International Society for Performance Improvement
  • United States Civil Air Patrol
  • Florida Attractions Association
  • Florida Chiropractic Association
  • Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association

Their dynamic and engaging style presents audiences with topics in a way they can easily understand and apply. Though social media is by far our most requested topic, Kevin also presents on several other topics including sales, leadership and marketing.

Workshops/Keynotes Available:

Finding Your Way Through the Social Media Jungle

A basic overview of social media why and how businesses (and individuals) should be a part of it.

Is Your Business Ready to be Social

There are steps you need to take in culture, structure and strategy before you can effectively use social media. Find out what they are.

The Facebook Phenomenon

The dominance of Facebook and how organizations can use it to connect to constituencies and build awareness of their message or brand.

Getting LinkedIn

Using the networking capabilities of LinkedIn to their fullest for job seekers and hiring managers, as well as finding B2B connections for business owners.

Why Everyone’s All a-Twitter

How a simple “microblogging” service became one of the most important news channels in the world overnight… and how you can make the same connections.

Managers Push – Leaders Pull

A straightforward leadership workshop that highlights and contrasts the important differences between run-of-the-mill management and exceptional leadership.


Sometimes the most important leadership training you can do in your organization is teaching your teams how to follow. An often neglected and critical skill for effectiveness and advancement.

Sales: A Helping Profession

Many people see selling as a contest between the customer and the salesperson. Move them from confrontation to collaboration with this paradigm-shifting workshop that will lead to better customer relationships and more sales.

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