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Aug 29

Is Facebook Killing Deals?

With the latest wave of changes to Facebook, many sources have reported that Facebook is killing off their Deals product.  This is true.  It is also false. Let me explain… no, there is too much, let me sum up:

Since Facebook feels that their platform should always have rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty, they go out of their way to use new product names on at least two different products simultaneously.  Just look at how many different ways “Like” can be used. So there are actually two different types of Deals on Facebook and one is going away.  That would be the Facebook Daily Deals which are Groupon-like in nature.  This product is definitely being ditched.  That’s good news for Groupon, but it does make many industry pundits wonder whether or not Groupon really has a sustainable long-term business model if Facebook doesn’t find it worth following.

Facebook Places Deals are, at least for the time being, staying.  These are the deals you set up on your Places page that customers can redeem by checking in.  Brick-and-mortar businesses have found these invaluable, and even though the mobile-only Places functionality is being phased out in favor of the new enhancements to place tagging in regular status updates, it makes sense that check-in Deals will stay.  Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time that Facebook favored their own internal agenda over common sense if they did decide to kill check-in deals, but for now they seem safe.

So what new features in Facebook are confusing you?

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Aug 28

Twitter… Faster than Earthquakes

Just had to share this clever tongue-in-cheek look at the speed of Twitter.  What’s the fastest tweet you’ve ever seen?

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Aug 23

Facebook Updates Privacy Settings

If you felt the Virginia earthquake today, it was probably in response to Facebook announcing several privacy setting changes that show that it’s either listening to its users or Google+’s critics. If there’s one thing we’ve seen consistently from Google+ reviews it’s weak privacy controls, and that’s been a consistent criticism of Facebook’s over the years as well. But now it looks like Facebook wants to be the first to market with sensible tools to make amends.

Facebook Product Manager Kate O’Neill hopes none of these change will be misconstrued as the site resetting everyone’s privacy settings. Rather, people are gaining more control over them — or they will when these improvements roll out across the site this Thursday. Here are the highlights:

  1. Privacy settings will be more clearly defined and easier to access on a per-post basis, and Facebook has changed the word “everyone” to “public” in privacy settings, for clarity.
  2. Profile privacy settings, once only accessible on the “Privacy Settings” menu will now be accessible from the “Edit Profile” functionality where it’s much more intuitive to set the privacy setting for each section of your profile.
  3. You don’t need to be friends with someone to tag them in a post or photo and you don’t have to like a brand to tag it in a post or photo. In exchange though, users are gaining the ability to approve tags of themselves in others’ posts and photos, and all tags will include an attribution of the person who did the tagging.
  4. Places no longer require physical check-ins, so you can add a location to a post from your desktop. There is even now a Places icon right in the update bar.
  5. Users can edit the visibility of individual bits of content anytime after they post.
  6. The changes don’t affect mobile users, at least for now.

Let us know what other changes you notice on Thursday in the comments below.

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Aug 11

More unannounced Facebook Changes

Facebook has rolled out a new interface for Account Settings. It seems to much more naturally organize function to make them easier to fine…

Yes… you’re right, we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop…


There it is: As they have rolled out these great new features, they have reset some values to default, including your preference for secure browsing. If you had previously selected “use secure browsing (https) whenever possible” you may find that has been turned off, leaving your connection unsecure (http).

Just click “Account->Account Settings->Security” and then select the value you prefer.

Have you noticed anything else behaving unexpectedly?

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Aug 02

Facebook Users at a Glance [infographic]

Here is a great inforgraphic we commissioned from the fine people at Fresh Roasted Graphics.  They really came through for us showing the massive impact that Facebook continues to have on our everyday lives.  Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments:

FB Infographic


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Aug 02

Stepping in Twit: How Does This Keep Happening?!

Hot on the heels of Weinergate comes the latest high-profile Twitter misstep proving the adage that those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

The victim this time is PR agency Redner Group who yesterday lost its largest client when principal James Redner knee-jerked a tweet from the hip after encountering some unfavorable reviews of client 2K’s “Duke Nukem Forever”:

Twitter QuoteIt seems that even people who deal in the media for a living still don’t understand that the Internet is forever. Redner tried deleting the tweet, but unsurprisngly, it was too late.

Ars Technica’s gaming editor Ben Kuchera (who first reported the story) captured a screengrab of the tweetand a follow on tweet reading: “Bad scores are fine. Venom filled reviews … that’s completely different.”

Wired and AdAge quickly picked up the story, and before you knew it, the backpedaling Redner had dug a whole for his agency that no amount of apologizing would fill. AdAge reported that Redner tried apologizing on Twitter at first, and then began reaching out to media individually to apologize, but in some cases this only served to inform them about the error in the first place. Before the day was out, 2K issued a statement telling the media that the Redner Group would no longer be representing them.

If your company doesn’t have a system in place to QA posts prior to submission, perhaps now would be a good time to set that up.

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Aug 02

NetWeave Announces New CFO

Sean McNultyToday we’re happy to announce that NetWeave staffer Sean McNulty can officially order business cards with a much fancier title on them. Sean today took over all accounting and finance functions at NetWeave as the company’s new Vice President and CFO. He’s taking on the new position as he also transitions from employee to part owner of our growing social media firm, joining current owners Kevin McNulty and Pamela Harper.

Sean’s accounting background and computer savvy have been adding value to our company for the last two years as he has grown from Monitoring Specialist to Social Media Consultant to his most recent position as Accounts Receivable Manager.

Sean is a Provost Scholar at the Honors College of the University of South Florida in Tampa, where he is majoring in Accounting and International Business. We are proud to have him on our senior leadership team.

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Aug 02

An Inconvenient Truth

Browser competition in an amusingly accurate inforgraphic:

browser war copy

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