Oct 08

Why Outsourcing Social Media Doesn’t Work

We have seen it happen time and time again. In fact, we can predict it with some regularity. If you try to have us, or any other company, take 100% of the social media workload off your plate, we’ll do a good job of it, yet your social media program will be nowhere near as effective as it could be. When we see a client hire us and then try to remove themselves completely from the equation, we know it will only be a matter of time before they give up on social altogether, saying the gave it a try and it just didn’t work.

So listen when we tell you: we can’t do it ALL for you.

We are experts in OUR field… but we’re not experts in YOUR field. We just don’t know the business like you do, and we’re not there every day immersed in the culture and the goings on.

But then again… you’re an expert in YOUR field, but you’re not an expert in OUR field. So trying to do everything in house is not going to work much better. You’ll have decent content, but you won’t be able to leverage it properly. You’re not a social media expert, and hiring one full time is an expense that’s probably not in your budget. Where’s the affordable middle ground?

Welcome to Co-Sourcing

Instead of trying to move 100% of the social media workload off your plate, let’s keep you involved, but make you more effective. Let us take the 80% of the job that’s mechanics, time, and social media knowledge and put that on OUR plate. Then let’s both work together as a team on that remaining 20% of content creation from the inside of the organization, and the integrated communications planning that unites social with all of the other efforts your company is undertaking so that everything is part of a unified whole. Rather than outsourcing, co-source the social media plan to an expert rep from NetWeave who can do the lion’s share of the work, for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time employee to help.

What Does Co-Sourcing Look Like?

When you try to do all the posts yourself, you are posting whenever you can, not necessarily at the best times or frequencies for the your posts to get the right kind of attention. Also, without a background in social media communications, you’re not mindful of keeping your content highly engaging and relevant. In other words, you’ll get lucky sometimes, and you’ll bomb sometimes, but your overall effectiveness suffers. On a graph, it looks like this.

Great high data marks, but also low, low marks. Performance is all over the place.
Great high data marks, but also low, low marks. Performance is all over the place.

Then again, if you outsourced 100% of the workload, consistency and post frequency and timing would be great… but you would be missing all those “moments” captured on site that really bring the great interaction. This is more level… but bland.

Overall average score is higher, low lows have been eliminated... but you're not having the very high highs you could either.
Overall average score is higher, low lows have been eliminated… but you’re not having the very high highs you could either.

Combine the best parts of both those scenarios by co-sourcing and get great material posted at strategic times and in ways that squeeze every last drop of engagement you can get out of that material. The peaks of those waves get higher, but so does the average water level. Everything succeeds more working together!

Consistency and engagement mean that the lows have evened out and even the lowest points are still much higher than they were, but also you keep the very high highs, increasing effectiveness dramatically.
Consistency and engagement mean that the lows have evened out and even the lowest points are still much higher than they were, and also you keep the very high highs, increasing effectiveness dramatically.

Want to find out more about how we Co-Source? Contact us now!

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Aug 20

The Day the Microsoft Tag Died

HeadStoneRIPTransparent_2We received two urgent emails from Microsoft today. Normally they don’t have much to say, but two in one day couldn’t be spam, so I opened one. It politely got right to the point: “This August 19, 2013 notice is to inform you that the Microsoft Tag service will terminate in two years, on August 19, 2015.”

I wish I could tell you we were surprised.

It seems fitting that on the anniversary of the death of the Betamax format, another highly capable technology backed by a big company finally fell flat.

For the last year or two everyone’s been asking me about QR codes… will the be the next big thing? Do I need one? Should I use Tag or QR? At least the last problem just solved itself. I’ve never been huge on QR codes. I think they’re the single most overhyped and misused tool in the marketer’s toolbox. We’d live long happy lives without them. There are truly only a FEW special cases where the application of a QR code is brilliant, but 90% of it is rubbish.

So what are we supposed to do now to replace the Tag? Well, first, make sure you really have a good application for a tag. If the Tag just takes them to your website, well you could have just printed your website instead of the code and saved everyone a lot of trouble. If you have it at your attraction next to a display and upon scanning a website launches a video about the thing your standing in front of… now maybe you’re getting the hang of this!

So once you decide which Tags to keep, make plans to replace the Tags with standard QR Codes. Microsoft in its announcement yesterday suggested:

To help you prepare for the termination of the Microsoft Tag service on August 19, 2015, Scanbuy has been selected to support Microsoft Tag technology on the ScanLife platform beginning no later than September 18th, 2013, and to offer transition and migration services to Microsoft TAG customers who choose to migrate to the ScanLife platform. This transition path will help you to continue running your campaigns using Microsoft Tags on the ScanLife platform.

Scanbuy is the largest provider of QR codes and runs ScanLife, a cloud-based mobile engagement platform for creating personalized, uniquely tailored experiences for consumers to digitally engage with brands in their everyday surroundings through smartphones.

Don’t worry, you have lots of time… you’ll get used to those quirky but drab QR codes, and it will be hard to take down your once-hip, delightfully colorful tags. But your business and customers will be better off without them. Trust me. Maybe in 20 years you can buy a set of Tag coasters to relive the glory days.

Don’t agree? Or do? Either way, leave me a comment below!

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Jul 31

Social Media has Importance, but only in Perspective

The social media reaction to this asteroid announcement has been sharply negative. Care to respond?

See original comic at xkcd.com

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May 27

NetWeave… now officially Award Winning

960151_10151494729293580_815831617_nPalmetto social media firm NetWeave Social Networking was selected as 2013 Small Business of the Year by the Manatee Chamber of Commerce on May 23, 2013. NetWeave was one of five winners announced during the chamber’s 34th Annual Award Ceremony held at Renaissance on 9th in Bradenton, FL. The firm won the “Under $500K in Sales” category in its very first year of eligibility.

Kevin McNulty, CEO and Pamela Harper, COO founded NetWeave in 2009 to provide social media solutions for businesses and non-profits. The agency provides community management, consulting, training and more for companies with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

“We’re not a social media company. We’re a customer service company that sells social media,” stated Mcnulty. “Receiving this award is a validation that a customer centric mindset works.” NetWeave has doubled in sales every six months over the past four years in business and currently manages the social media platforms of over 75 different companies.

NetWeave Social Networking is owned and primarily operated by Kevin Mcnulty, President and Chief Executive Officer, Pamela Harper, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, and Sean McNulty, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. The company currently has a total of 11 employees.

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Mar 07

Facebook’s New News Feed

New News Feed release design announced by Facebook on March 7, 2013.

New News Feed release design announced by Facebook on March 7, 2013.

We will be blogging live for the next hour as Facebook is holding a news conference at its headquarters at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST) today to unveil the new look of News Feed.

It’s the latest effort by FB to get its 1 billion users to spend more time on the service and to get advertisers to spend more money. Watch here and on our Twitter account for live updates.

The new design will make the Desktop and Mobile interfaces more consistent.

The new design will make the Desktop and Mobile interfaces more consistent.

1:30pm – New design, new way to sort News Feed, consistency between mobile & desktop just steps in FB direction. New design will be SLOW roll to web starting today. That ends the press event!

The new Switcher allows easy sorting of your News Feed

The new Switcher allows easy sorting of your News Feed

1:26pm -Switcher list will be sorted by what you view most. Now, Chris Cox is talking about consistency between mobile and desktop. Now the desktop interface will mirror mobile (tray on left for quick navigation).

1:21pm – Chris Struhar up now to talk about YOUR CHOICE of feeds. Will be able to sort by just photos, just music, games, close friends in the new “Switcher” in the upper right corner. New music feed will include what friends are listening to, what concerts are coming to your area, what artists are being shared most.

1:17pm – Looks like everything on the new design will be bigger: videos, timeline previews, pinterest pins, all will be bigger. You will also get insight into which of your friends is sharing. You can also drill down to upcoming events, most shared from Pages, etc.

1:15pm – Photos will go front and center in new News Feed. Larger photos and larger previews to albums. Links will have larger previews with bigger photo, larger title, and publishers logo.

1:12pm – Zuck hands it off to Julie Zhou to discuss new design.

1:10pm – Back when it started, News Feed was mostly text, now almost 50% of content is visual. Almost 30% is content from Pages. New design will reflect this.

1:10pm – Should be able to share with any audience you want.

1:06pm – Zuck starts by telling audience that News Feed is one of the most important services FB offers. Best personal “newspaper” should have the most relevant content and allow you to drill down into any individual topic you want.

1:00pm – Of course, FB is running late.



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Jul 13

Roll With the Changes

When REO Speedwagon counseled us to roll with the changes, could they have foreseen the almost daily pace of Facebook feature changes & introductions? (You thought I was going to go with the Bowie reference there, didn’t you?)

Well at NetWeave we’re still rolling with the latest changes here on Facebook. Have you noticed any of these new features on your profile or page yet? Tell us in the comments below.

Events Page

There is a new events page with the choice of either list or calendar views. Finally, a calendar view. Ironic how long THAT took considering that the Events icon has been a calendar page for years.

Taking years to develop a calendar view on Facebook was almost as significant as McDonalds stumbling across the idea to put lettuce and tomato on a hamburger (I’m looking at you McDLT with your hot side hot and your cool side cool).

Sharing Posts from Liked Pages

Facebook once again very quietly rolled out a feature that they bill as an enhancement, while most users consider it another privacy problem.  If you have liked a page anytime in the past, that page’s posts may now be showing up in your friends’ News Feeds regardless of whether or not you have shared them. Have you noticed any such activity in your News Feed?

They’re not “bugs”, they’re “undocumented features!” (photo credit: All Facebook)


Rotating Ads

The third of the trio for this week is a new advertising test Facebook is conducting in certain markets with “rotating ads” for your home page. According to All Facebook, If you stay on the page too long, Facebook will very cordially switch out the ads on the fly in hopes of finding one you will click on. Isn’t that nice of them?! Normally, I have to refresh my page just to see the ads change! [/sarcasm]

You’re right, that IS better!


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Jul 10

Updated Facebook Cheat Sheet

Dreamgrow has an updated cheat sheet of all the important dimensions to keep in mind on Facebook. Very handy reference! Keep it bookmarked for frequent reference.


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Apr 17

4 New Facebook Tools for Fan Pages

By now the Facebook pages for your business or organization have been converted to the new Timeline format. With this change has come some new tools designed to help page admins highlight content and engage with fans. Here are the four tools we believe you should pay attention to.

In-box Messaging — Now people can communicate with your business without having to post their comments on the public wall by sending a message, similar to the manner in which individuals have always been able to send private in-box messages to one another. With business pages, messages can only be initiated by page followers. This offers a better opportunity for grievances or personal account issues to be handled in a private manner while also benefiting from the immediacy social media offers. Page admins should get into the habit of checking the admin panel often for new messages because it won’t show up as a Facebook notification.

Pin It — Pinning seems to be trendy these days and now fan pages have the ability to “pin” a post to the top of the Timeline. The pinned post will remain at the top of the Timeline for seven days, after which time if it is still relevant you may re-pin the post to the top of the page. To “pin” the post, hover over the right-hand side of your post (after it has been posted) and select the edit tool. You’ll get a drop down menu of options and pin it is the first option. Things worth pinning include upcoming events, coupon codes or weekly specials.

Highlights — When you make a post you have two size options for displaying that post on your timeline. The default is for the post to sit on one side of the Timeline’s center line. If you click the star icon on the right-hand side of the post you can highlight it, meaning it will expand to fit the entire width of the wall. This is a fantastic way to display photo albums. Consider displaying a postcard montage of a featured real estate property as a highlighted post. Or perhaps you have a new product — why not show off the details with a highlighted post.

Milestones — Timeline literally offers your company or organization the ability to tell your story. Milestone posts allow you to back date posts to share your company’s history and organization’s key achievements. Click the milestone icon in the update status box to post when your business was founded, when you moved into a new location, or when an employee received a noteworthy honor.

Using these tools will help you have more control over how your followers experience the flow of information you have to share. If your business needs further direction in how to best utilize the new Timeline format, contact us about our training and coaching services.

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Apr 16

Promoting Your Event on Social Media

How can you leverage social media to promote an event? That’s a great question to ask us right now as we just returned from covering the annual SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In and Expo in Lakeland, FL. We have several aviation clients, including SUN ‘n FUN themselves, so our week-long coverage of the event turned up on several Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and YouTube channels!

There are three basic phases to event promotion on social media, only one of which is the run-up to the event. This is obviously important if your goal is getting more people to the event, but if you have a solid social media strategy, you know you also need to account for coverage during and after the event.

In promoting an event beforehand, make sure you get an early start – the bigger and longer the event, the more advance notice people will need to make their plans. Remember, though, that just like an early-season baseball favorite, you don’t want to peak too early. There should be an intentional and well-timed buzz build-up that naturally crescendos with the event itself. Don’t let the social media promotion be an afterthought either, make sure you include social media in the total marketing plan from the very outset. In the case of SUN ‘n FUN, we start working with the client on the actual event months in advance, though the most intense coverage doesn’t start building until a few weeks ahead of time.

Coverage during the event itself is also a GREAT way to build vital page interaction and to get your content shared. No matter how many people you get to show up at your event, many of your fans on social media will not be able to make it – they will appreciate your coverage and will comment and share. It is also a great way to get fans interested in attending your next event! If it is a big or long event like SNF, it’s also a great way to include your fans by sharing their photos and videos on your social media channels. Engaged fans are advocates for your brand, and that’s press you cannot buy.

Once the last guest leaves and the mess is cleaned up, though, don’t think your social media promotion is done. There are tons of great follow-ups that can be done on social media including sharing photos and video of the event. Don’t post every picture you take on the big day at once… mete them out over time to extend the impact. The bigger the event, the longer period of time over which you can extend this follow-up. This not only maintains the engagement of the folks who were fans prior to and during the event, but becomes an opportunity for people who attended the event but weren’t previously connected to you on social media to become fans!

Over the five days of SNF, NetWeave spent almost 200 staff-hours making live posts, taking over a thousand pictures and hours of video, and connecting with fans all around the world. But we can tell you from experience, that the week is not the beginning, or the end, of that social media effort. Social media is not a short-term strategy and you need to be in it for the long-run!


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Feb 22

Is Your Company Pinteresting?

NetWeave now offers Service for Pinterest

If you monitor the buzz about social media platforms, you’ve probably heard a lot about Pinterest lately. Pinterest allows users to create virtual “pinboards” that feature pictures and graphics that revolve around themes of the users choosing. For instance, a user may create a cooking pinboard that has photos of dishes (and their recipes) that the user likes or wants to try. Fashion boards, wedding boards or travel boards are just a few of the popular themes you find while browsing the service.

And we do mean popular. Pinterest has hit 10 million users faster than any other social media on record, and they are growing by leaps every day. This is the perfect time to beat your competition to the punch by establishing your presence on the growing network.

How does a business leverage the Pinterest phenomenon? Attractions can pin photos of rides, exhibits, classes, gift shop items, etc. Hotels can create pinboards of things to do and see in the area. A menu pinboard would be perfect for a restaurant. For a retail store, picture a pinboard of “What’s New” items that you can snap photos of as you unpack shipments.

The possibilities are endless, and with NetWeave they’re easy and affordable too. Ask us how you can get started with our Pinterest setup and management introductory special, and you’ll be sure your customers will find you pinteresting!

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