Jun 26

What’s the most popular social site for teens? The answer will surprise you!

By Melanie Torres

Teenagers. They’ve been a mystery parents and marketers have been trying to solve for years, and this generation is no exception. For the most part teens have been dealing with the same things for ages- acne, raging hormones, a healthy dose of angst, etc. However, thanks to modern day technology this particular generation of teens have a whole new way of dealing with and expressing the common ups and downs of pre-adulthood…Social Media.

If your business is marketing to teens, it’s best to think like a teen. But what exactly is it like to be a modern day teenager?

Start by getting a smartphone. Trust us, you won’t be able to do much without one. Ditch the phone calls (ain’t nobody got time for that) and opt for constant texting instead. Why watch regular television when YouTube has so much more to offer? Paying for music is so 1999, it’s better to tune into a free station like Pandora instead. Doing something cool? Better post it on Facebook or people might think it didn’t happen. Sundays aren’t just a day of rest… it’s also prime time to post a selfie on Instagram (#selfiesunday)! And don’t forget to connect with fellow peers by showing them all your daily activities (fun or mundane) with SnapChat.

Phew, no wonder teens always seem glued to their phones!

Now that you’re thinking like a teen, you might be asking yourself WHICH of these online websites, apps, and services you should be investing the most time and effort. In a comprehensive survey conducted by Niche in June of 2014, 7,000 Class of 2014 students ranked 50 popular apps and websites based on frequency of usage. Here’s the breakdown:

Most Popular Apps (Teens)
As you can see, there are four key players that we would suggest focusing on if you’re looking to reach teens: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat.

Facebook dominates with 61% of daily active users – just another reason to argue that Facebook is still the cool kid on the block and requires a solid marketing strategy. Followed closely behind is Youtube with an impressive 55% of daily active users and overall winner of “Most Widespread Usage”. Image-sharing apps Instagram and Snapchat both share an impressive 50% of daily active users, but Instagram dominates with the most engaged users. For those of you who thought Twitter was for moms and dads, you may be surprised to see it didn’t fall too far behind and holds almost 40% of daily teen usage!

The main takeaway is that teens are very accustomed to communicating and sharing content online and if your business plans on successfully being adopted into “teen culture” it’s important to focus your resources on the apps and services they love most. Eleven apps out of 25 listed have been used by at least 50% of teens, with the top four we mentioned being used at least once a day. It’s your job to determine how you can best use these apps and social platforms to your advantage. After all, it’s not enough to just be present on these sites – true social marketing success comes from lots of time and effort. If you need help coming up with a social strategy on any of the platforms mentioned just ask us! Or fill out our quick survey and receive a FREE 1 hour consultation to talk about these or any other social media that could help grow your business.




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Jun 19

Facebook Do’s and Don’ts: Don’t be “that guy (or girl)”

downloadDoes browsing your Facebook news feed make you mad sometimes? So mad that before you’ve even had your morning coffee, you’re arguing with your old gym coach about politics, un-tagging yourself from photos that don’t have you in them, or even worse, un-friending people? If so, you’re not alone. With such a wide-open platform, posting interesting content, and engaging with your friends without being invasive, can actually be a bit harder than you think. Let’s face it; some people are just flat out annoying on social media. Luckily, you don’t have to be one of them. Here are some simple Do’s and Don’ts to keep you on the right track:

Do: Like/share good content from other people. Sharing is caring on Facebook, and acknowledging and crediting people when they post things you like is not only polite, but also expected. It shows them that you’re seeing their post, and interested in what they have to say. A simple share is often the biggest compliment you can give someone in social media. After all, that cat video’s not going to share itself.

Don’t: Like your own content. This should be a no-brainer, but sadly, is one of the biggest mistakes people make on Facebook. Just don’t do it. It’s like laughing at your own joke before anyone else does, or high fiving yourself in public. Worst of all, it’s redundant. If you didn’t like it, you wouldn’t be posting it.

Do: Speak your mind, and be honest. If you’ve got something burning on your mind that you need/want others to know, or give you their opinion on, there’s no better place to let it out than Facebook. Your friends are your friends for a reason. Post away! Be honest, ask for advice, and even vent a little. Just make sure you’re being constructive, and make your points clear and intelligent.

Don’t: Say things that will get you fired, get you on the news, or get you kicked out of the house. Some things are just better kept to yourself. Unlike a conversation in a bar with a few buddies, or some pillow talk with your significant other, Facebook posts are public content, even if you only have a few friends. Once it’s out there, it’s out there. So, unless you’d be willing to attach your name to it in a newspaper, or scream it from a podium, don’t say it.

Do: Post pictures of your kids, food, weekend at the beach, or whatever you’re doing that you want to share with the world.

Don’t: Post inappropriate, violent, or incriminating photos. If you wouldn’t otherwise have at your desk, or on your fridge, it’s probably not a good idea to have it on a public Internet site. All you need is one “friend” to screenshot something of yours that’s a bit risqué, and BOOM, it’s now public content.

The bottom line is, be careful about how you present yourself online. Use yourbest judgment, and try to think about what you post before doing it. Remember,what’s on your Facebook page is between you and your friends (and Facebook,the NSA, the TSA, local police, the US Government, Gawker…you get the point).

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Jun 13

The 5 Most Awesome Moments in NetWeave History

In June, NetWeave Social Networking turns five years old. In honor of our five year anniversary, we thought it’d be fun to share our top five favorite business experiences with all of you. It was difficult narrowing it down, as we’ve had some truly incredible moments during the past five years. However these particular occasions all served a unique purpose in taking NetWeave to the “next level.”

kev-SM1. Kevin Goes Full Time

It all started with a Mac computer and a simple idea. With the help of business partner Pamela Harper, NetWeave Social NetWorking LLC was born on June 1st, 2009. By December of the same year, the business had quickly expanded to the point that Kevin couldn’t just work on it part time anymore. The problem was, there wasn’t quite enough business for it to be a full-time gig for him. Being between a rock and hard place, Kevin took the plunge and left his day job to work on NetWeave full time, knowing he had only three months to focus all his energy on making NetWeave a lucrative business. He needn’t have worried: NetWeave doubled its client count and revenue in that three months and soon enough Pamela was on the payroll too! Kevin’s son, Sean McNulty, even started working for NetWeave part time and eventually became NetWeave’s third owner in 2011. Now, five years later NetWeave has a total of eight employees who serve 55 various clients, in industries ranging from hospitality to aviation, healthcare to attractions.

Damage_Drew2. The SUN ‘n FUN Tornado

The SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In & Expo, America’s second-largest airshow, hired NetWeave five weeks before their 2011 show. NetWeave doubled the amount of fans they had by the show’s opening, and were on hand at Lakeland Linder Airport to cover the week-long air and trade show. Little did they know that two days later, during the height of the show, a tornado would touch down right there at the airport! The power was out, phone lines and internet were completely down, and even the cell network was dropping calls left and right because of all the people trying to reach loved ones for status updates. The only way to keep the rest of the world up to date with the situation was with social media: Kevin and Pamela both furiously texting updates to Facebook and Twitter, providing people with a little more peace of mind during what could have been an even bigger disaster. It was a watershed moment for NetWeave, showcasing the value of having a strong social media team, and making all of us at NetWeave more confident in our abilities to provide the right customer service for our clients during an emergency.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 12.18.27 PM3. Signing The Florida Aquarium

The NetWeave team couldn’t have been more thrilled to sign a social media contract with The Florida Aquarium in October 2012. Rated one of the top ten aquariums in the country, The Florida Aquarium gave us the opportunity to further extend our current market reach and showcase the power of social media for a much bigger organization than what NetWeave had worked with previously. Being one of our largest and most well-known clients, it has led to some unbelievable opportunities over the past two years and a great relationship with one of Florida’s major attractions. Not to mention that covering their annual fundraiser events (SeaGrapes, Brews By The Bay and Aqua Eve) are some of the biggest perks of having a job like ours. Under NetWeave’s management, The Florida Aquarium’s social media accounts have thrived, with some doubling in both growth and engagement.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 12.19.16 PM4. The Manatee Chamber of Commerce 2013 Small Business of the Year Award

NetWeave was honored to be selected as the 2013 Small Business of the Year by the Manatee Chamber of Commerce during our very first year of eligibility! We had actually been nominated every single year we had been open, but winners were required to have been in business for at least three years. So we had to wait for 2013 to be one of five business winners announced during the Chamber’s 34th Annual Award Ceremony and won the award for the “Under $500K in Sales” category. A lot of work went into this achievement: countless appearances at networking events, delivering Social Media seminars at the Chamber’s offices, as well as managing social media accounts of several Chamber members… it all came together for us in this tremendous honor.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 12.20.08 PM5. The Florida Attractions Association 2013 Outstanding Associate Member of the Year Award

The Annual FAA Conference & Tradeshow has always been a highlight for the NetWeave team, as we’ve been able to make connections and friendships with some pretty amazing people within the attractions community. For three years, Kevin made a point to attend the Florida Attractions Regional Forums, not only making connections with top decision makers of Florida’s many attractions, but also delivering social media tactics and advice that would translate into larger opportunities for Florida’s number one industry. The FAA then hired NetWeave to manage their own social media accounts to help promote the 2012 Annual Conference & Tradeshow in Miami. During the 2013 Conference, Kevin was honored to receive the 2013 Outstanding Associate Member of the Year Award for providing the association and several of it’s members with great social media services throughout the past few years.


These of course aren’t the only awesome experiences we’ve had during the past five years. Really when it comes down to it, it’s not any specific event or the awards that make all of us at NetWeave excited to come to work each day. It’s the success stories we see with each one of our clients. Whether it be increasing their sales or pushing their events, it’s seeing our work translate into opportunities for our clients that make all the difference. Because without the happiness and success of our clients, NetWeave wouldn’t be as successful as it is today. So thank you, to all our fabulous clients, friends and fans who have helped make these past five years the best they could be… and here’s to five more wonderful years of business!

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May 29

Threesome Makes Video Viral

With over 6 billion hours of video watched each month, it’s safe to say YouTube is a force to be reckoned with. More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube monthly and over 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute.

psy-gangnam-style-1Pause. Take a second to let that soak in.

100 HOURS of video are uploaded EVERY MINUTE.

Got it? Okay, moving on…

The types of videos uploaded include everything from talk shows to funny cat videos. Anyone with internet access and a camera can create a YouTube channel, so video concept and quality can range from that of a high production recording studio to a high school student’s iPhone… or worse in some cases.

Despite the mass number and types of videos uploaded each minute, there are still those few that happen to trend and rack up more than the typical number of views. These “viral” videos are shared over and over again via email, websites, and other social channels like Facebook and Twitter. The content of the viral videos include everything from professional music videos to silly dances, random pranks to inspiring speeches. With such a large range of viral video content to analyze, it’s difficult to determine how these videos went viral in the first place – but it’s the number one thing anyone with a video wants. In fact, it’s the number one question we receive from clients when presented with a video they want posted to their YouTube Channel.

So how can you make a video go viral? The very first step is having great content people want to watch and share. You can’t do anything else without that, no matter how much time or money you spend on it. Sorry, there’s no shortcut here.

While great content is a must, there’s still no foolproof way to mandate it go viral. If we knew the secret button to push, we wouldn’t be sitting here writing blogs. We would all quit our day jobs and become famous YouTube celebrities. However there is a threesome of concepts (what kind of threesome were you thinking of, perv?!) that may bring your video a little closer to viral nirvana:

1) Keep it joyful or humorous

According to a study conducted by the British Psychological Society, “videos eliciting positive emotion, including joy and humour, are most likely to be forwarded; videos eliciting feelings of alertness and attentiveness are the next most likely to be forwarded.” It makes sense… ultimately we want entertainment, and things that are entertaining make us feel better after watching them, not worse. Even though fear and negativity dominate news headlines (or maybe BECAUSE they do), positivity is what people seem to share the most. The same sentiment applies to the rest of social media too, by the way. Now that’s not to say some outrageous, salacious and alarming videos don’t go viral, but we’re talking the law of averages here.

2) Keep it brief

Viewers are most likely to drop off within the first 15 seconds of every video. It’s a hard truth of Internet life. Even social media rock star and bygone YouTube celebrity Gary Vaynerchuk admits that anyone who bailed on his Wine Library TV videos was most likely to do it in the first 12 seconds. Keeping this in mind, your video should set the hook fast. If nothing amazing happens until a minute into the video, don’t expect folks to hang around waiting for it. Your video should be long enough to get your point across, but short enough to keep a viewer’s attention. Living in a world of people who have the attention span of a squirrel makes this a little difficult, but remember, the audience makes it go viral, not you, so you have to give THEM what THEY want.

3) Have a plan

Don’t assume creating an awesome video and uploading it to YouTube will be enough. This isn’t Field of Dreams. Have a strategy to get it in front of as many people as possible the very first day it’s uploaded! Share to all your social sites, email it to your friends, submit it to relevant blogs, embed it on your website, feature it in your e-newsletter or send out an e-blast. It may be a little bit of leg work but if you have great content it’ll be worth it. Did we just say you have to work if you want to be a success? Yeah, sorry to be the one to break the news to you, but don’t shoot the messenger.


No one can guarantee any method to make your video go viral, but this threesome of tips can give you a fighting chance!

Need some viral video content inspiration? Check out some of these most viewed YouTube videos and take notes. Good luck!

Gangnam Style: http://youtu.be/9bZkp7q19f0

Charlie Bit My Finger- Again: http://youtu.be/_OBlgSz8sSM

Thrift Shop: http://youtu.be/QK8mJJJvaes

Evolution of Dance: http://youtu.be/dMH0bHeiRNg

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May 22

3 Awesome Social Media Sites You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

By Melanie Torres

Social media apps and websites pop up faster than weeds in springtime. Wikipedia lists over 200 right now. With all that noise, it’s tough to keep track of which new services are worthwhile and which are, to put it lightly, complete duds. Of course you’ve heard of the powerhouse players like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their ilk, but there are others that are a few flying “under the radar” and gaining popularity along the way.

Here’s our top three favorite “B-listers” and how they may be beneficial to your business:

We Heart It

Think of it as the “little sister” of Pinterest and Instagram.

It’s an an image-based social network focused on inspiration, expression, and creativity. Their community of over 30 million monthly visitors uses We Heart It to discover, collect and share images with friends via their mobile apps and website.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 6.40.54 PMThe site is primarily dominated by teenage girls with all advertising and images being marketed towards women under the age of 24. If this sounds like your company’s target market then We Heart It may just be the social network for you.

Along with setting up a We Heart It profile and adding tools to your website, they also offer advertising. Michael Kors, Free People and Nastygal are just a few of the contributing brands that have advertised and can be found on the site.


Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 6.46.38 PMOne of the best places to browse through hundreds of mouthwatering photos of food porn.

Launched in 2008, FoodGawker is the largest blogger submitted, curated food photo gallery in the world.Their editors select only the best images to showcase from submitters worldwide and new content is published multiple times a day, every day, where it reaches a large audience of influential bloggers and people who are passionate about food.

This site is easily integrated into other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, making it super easy to share your favorite recipes with friends. If you happen to be a food blogger it’s the perfect place to submit your best recipes and drive more traffic back to your blog/website. Just keep in mind these submissions go through an approval process before being posted to the site.

FoodGawker also offers advertising for businesses within the food industry. The site receives 13 million page views and 2.5 million visitors per month. Their demographic is 90% women with 52% of users between the ages of 18 – 34.


Want to start or join a group in your community? You’ve come to the right place.

Meetup is the world’s largest network of local groups. The site makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face. More than 9,000 groups get together in local communities each day, each one with the goal of improving themselves or their communities.

Searching for or creating your own group is super simple! All groups are organized based on location and can be filtered by the number of members and proximity.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 6.47.58 PM

Does your business offer classes (fitness, cooking, photography, etc)? This is the perfect place to find potential customers by joining the conversation in existing groups or creating your very own! It’s also a great way to connect with individuals who share a similar skillset and find out when the latest networking events will take place.

•  •  •

Trying to figure out if any of these should be integrated into your current social strategy? We’d love to help! Fill out our quick survey and receive a FREE 1 hour consultation to talk about these or any other social media that could help grow your business.



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May 15

How to lose your Facebook Fans in 10 days

By Melanie Torres

What do social media marketing and dating have in common? Turns out a lot more than you might think.

Social Media provides a completely unique kind of relationship marketing that puts emphasis on providing value to your customer, versus telling them to purchase your product or service. Many people still fail to recognize this concept and attempt to use social platforms like Facebook and Twitter as push marketing channels- just another way to get their sales message in front of an audience. These marketers then watch their reach and engagement plummet and end up writing off social media as a complete waste of time.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 12.46.33 AMIf it’s not working- perhaps YOU’RE the problem.

It’s a hard pill to swallow. The whole “It’s not you, it’s me” thing. However, just like any real relationship, it only works if both parties are getting something out of it. For the sake of this scenario imagine each of your Facebook fans as your significant other. In order to keep them happy and create a mutually positive relationship, a few basic “dating” rules apply:

Quality time and lots of attention are required
An occasional gift to show them how much you care never hurts
There are times when you have to bite your tongue
They should be the first to know of something new and exciting happening in your life
Heartfelt apologies are necessary when a mistake has been made

Easy enough right? Well if that’s the case, why do many social media marketers fail over and over again? Inspired by the popular rom-com “How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days”, here’s a list of common mistakes made by social marketers that cause their fans to flee in such a short time.

1) Over-Selling

Yes your fans want to hear about your products or services. No, they do not want to hear about it every single day. Sorry, it doesn’t matter how AWESOME your new line of vacuum cleaners are- your fans will get bored if that’s all you talk about. Could you imagine having a conversation with someone who only talks about one thing? Yeah…that kind of relationship is doomed to failure.

2) Posting Too Often

Goodness gracious, give your fans some space would ya? Believe it or not they’re using social media to interact with their friends too, and posting more than 3 times a day clogs up their NewsFeed with all your posts. You should be a beneficial and valuable part of their day, not a nuisance.

3) Not Posting Enough

On the flip side, they DO want to hear from you daily. You want them to look forward to your interactions and expect these interactions to happen often. They’re important to you right? So don’t talk to them once a week and expect that to be enough.

4) Not Interacting With Them

A fan asks you a question, writes a positive comment, shares a photo of them using your product or visiting your venue, brings up a valid concern- and you ignore them. Basically, your relationship is completely one-sided. Does this really require any further explanation?

5) Always Posting Links To Other Sites or Content

Of course there’s a lot of great material on the web, but don’t make that something you always talk about. Be original and show some creativity! Your fans established a relationship with you because they want to hear something unique that provides value to them. If they can get that same feeling or information elsewhere, then why follow you?

6) Being Too Needy

Your fans should comment, like and share your posts because they’re worth it. Not because you’re begging them to do so. An occasional “like bait” post is fine but if you’re always asking your fans to interact with you there’s a problem. Guilt tripping or forcing someone to do something you want does not a healthy relationship make.

So there you have it- all the best social media relationship advice I can give you. Now it’s up to you to apply these tips to your social strategy and establish some positive relationships with your Facebook fans.


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Apr 24

Which Social Media Platform Is Right For You?

UntitledWith the emergence of new social platforms and the constant changes made to existing ones, finding the right platform for your business may seem daunting. It’s clear that having a strong presence on Social Media is essential but you may find yourself wondering which platforms to invest in. In case you missed our Intro to Social Media Seminar earlier today, here’s a brief synopsis of what audiences you will find on each social platform. To find out even more about which social platforms your business should be leveraging, fill out our quick survey and receive a FREE 1 hour social media consultation: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/C3HLWFM


  • 1.3 billion users
  • 50% of all Americans have an account
  • Largest demographic is between the ages 35-44
  • Fastest growing demographic is 55+
  • 23% of teens report Facebook as being their primary media


  • 560 million members (241 active)
  • Largest demographic is between the ages 35-44
  • 26% of teens report Twitter is their primary media


  • 490 million users a month
  • 92 billion page-views a month
  • World’s second largest search engine


  • 150 million users
  • Heavily used by Millennials (ages 15-25)


  • 70 million users
  • Demographic is 68% female, 32% male


  • 500 million members (300 active)
  • Mostly used by early adopters & technology users


  • 240 million members
  • 50% of members are based in the United States
  • 79% of users 35 and older
  • Demographics skewed toward high income males

Interested in finding out which social platforms your business should be leveraging? Let us help!  Fill out our quick survey and receive a FREE 1 hour social media consultation: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/C3HLWFM

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Apr 07

Facebook Decreases Reach… Again

Facebook has once again tweaked their infamous edgerank algorithm, this time further reducing the organic reach on Pages to a measly 6%. For large pages with more than 500,000 Likes, organic reach hit 2 percent in February. If you have been following the slow and steady decline that started back in 2012, one thing has become very clear- organic reach is on it’s way to zero.

So in short, you have to EARN your space in the News Feed.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 4.25.13 PM

This decline could appear as a malicious attempt to force marketers to start paying for advertising, but in reality there are many reasons why they are limiting organic reach. As competition grows and the attention span of fans gets shorter and shorter, the quality of the News feed becomes increasingly more important. There’s a reason why Facebook users stay on the social site for an average of 20 minutes per session- and that’s because Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm is good at determining what posts users will see in their feed. Curating good content is more important than ever, since engagement on posts is one of the largest determining factors of whether a Page’s reach will increase or decrease. And to be clear, “good” content has nothing to do with what YOU want to say, but everything to do with what your audience wants to hear.

Content should be:

Timely– posts should be going out at peak traffic times and this differs from page to page. Check your Facebook insights to see when your audience is most active and plan posts around those times.

Valuable– keep it relevant and interesting. You’re competing for your fan’s attention amongst many other competitors so make sure they’re getting something unique out of your posts.

Shareworthy– before publishing a post ask yourself, would YOU share that with your own network? Chances are if the answer is no then your fans won’t be sharing it either.

Aside from posting valuable content, boosting your engagement via Facebook advertising is another way to ensure your reach stays above 6%. If you’re already using advertising for Page Likes, it would be beneficial to allocate some of your ad spend dollars to boosting posts. And if you’re NOT already using Facebook advertising… well, this would be an appropriate time to start reaching into your pockets and forking over some marketing dollars.

Perhaps the most important thing to take away from all this is that successful Facebook marketing will take more time, more creativity and more money. In other words- it’s now more important than ever to have professional help managing your Facebook page.

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Mar 27

Chill Out- Facebook Is Still Cool

dreamstime_xs_10482463Turns out Facebook hasn’t lost it’s “cool” factor just yet. Rumors that teenagers are abandoning the platform in droves have been circulating around the social scene for years. If you’re in charge of social media marketing for your company, all these “Facebook isn’t cool anymore” talks could end up working you into a tizzy… But before you decide your Business page isn’t worth it anymore and start furiously creating accounts on Tumblr, Snapchat, Vine and Instagram, just pause for a second. Take a breath, and let’s look at some good hard evidence that supports the contrary.

  1. Facebook is currently used by nearly 80% of Americans ages 12-24.

  1. The average number of Facebook friends for users ages 12-17 is 521 while the average for ages 18-24 is 649.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg admitted that it’s hard to pinpoint metrics on teens because some people lie about their age. There’s no strict verification process to determine the age of a user when they sign up, even though kids under 13 “aren’t technically allowed” on FB

  1. Of 900 millennials polled by The Intelligence Group55% said they would most prefer brands to communicate with them on Facebook rather than rivals YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr

  1. Facebook users ages 12-24 check their Facebook pages an average of eight times a day.

So given this evidence, it’s apparent that teenagers aren’t leaving Facebook in droves. Although they may not be the fastest growing demographic on the site, they are certainly still occupying quite a lot of space and time on it. What’s really important to be aware of, is that teen relationships on Facebook are changing, which means the way you market your product on it should change as well.

Teens are no longer impressed that brands are merely ON Facebook. That much is considered a necessity. They are also very aware that Facebook collects large amounts of data on them, so strictly relying on catchy News Feed advertising isn’t going to convert any teens into loyal fans. Instead, it’s crucial to find ways to identify with them. As a Brand, your focus should be on cultivating valuable, relevant and unique content that teens aren’t going to find anywhere else.

Facebook is also brainstorming new ways to keep teenagers engaged. Just this past Tuesday, Facebook acquired Oculus VR Inc., a company that makes virtual reality gaming glasses, for $2 Billion. This acquisition may result in gaining more online time of young users, particularly within the 18-35 demographic. “Facebook believes that they can use Oculus to reach a different demographic, a teenage gamer demographic,” said Patrick Moorhead, an analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy. “Facebook realizes that user engagement is the key to monetizing social media. The highest user engagement could come through virtual reality via the Oculus VR.”

With the hopes of Facebook virtual reality games on the horizon, it looks like they may have found a way of becoming the “coolest” social platform of the future.

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Mar 18

A Pinteresting Shopping Experience!

Calling all shopaholics: buying products on Pinterest now just became a whole lot easier!

Last week Pinterest launched a brand new Gift Feed dedicated solely to an assortment of product pins. These pins are organized based on a simple pricing system (from $ to $$$$) that users can click on at the top of the feed. This allows users to search for products based on their individual budget. Each Product Pin has a description of the item, along with it’s availability, price and location that it can be purchased online.

As of right now Pinterest is curating all the content for the Gifts Feed, meaning retailers and other businesses are not yet able to pin to it. However there is a way to increase your chances of having your pins show up on the new section, and that’s to apply for product “Rich Pins”.This will allow Pinterest to look in one established place for pricing and availability information on each individual product you wish to sell. To get started, you’ll need to prep your website with meta tags, test out your Rich Pins and apply to get them on Pinterest. Our suggestion is to have your developer do it, since it’s a bit technical.

So what’s the reason behind this new shoppable section?

Let’s look at what we already know about Pinterest:

Given all this info it’s surprising Pinterest hasn’t come up with a feed solely meant for shopping sooner! It’s currently labeled as a “work in progress” but once they work out the details, this could very well catapult Pinterest to the number one site for driving ecommerce sales.

What can you do in the meantime?

If you’re a retailer, the new Gifts Feed makes it even MORE essential to make your website extremely “pinnable”. That means there should be lots of high quality images of your products, along with pricing and availability info. Not only should you apply for “Rich Pins” but there should be “Pin It” buttons embedded into each section of your website that contains product images. (The Pin It button makes it easy for people to pin things from your website or mobile app.)

Interested in getting on board with Pinterest advertising? Be sure to fill out their Promoted Pins Form and they’ll keep you in the loop with info and updates as they get closer to launching their ad product. And with the way things are going, it doesn’t appear you’ll be waiting too long.

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