Oct 16

To Snap or Not To Snap?

By Melanie Torres

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.54.57 PMAt this point we’ve all heard of the image sharing, popular mobile app Snapchat; especially after the latest news that many of it’s stored photos were leaked onto the Internet. But what exactly is this trendy platform and how can it be beneficial to marketers?  Here’s the lowdown on this millennial dominated mobile app and how it may be useful for your business:

Many people believed Snapchat to be a temporary fad when it was first launched in 2011, however it’s quickly become a platform worth recognizing. Facebook tried buying it, Instagram tried copying it, and these failed attempts have only fueled Snapchats popularity. It currently has a user base of over 100 million monthly active members and is valued at $10 billion dollars. Not only that, but it turns out college students post more frequently on Snapchat than on social media powerhouse Facebook!

What is it?

Snapchat is a mobile app that allows you to share photos and videos that disappear after a short period of time. In this way it differs from other popular photo sharing platforms like Instagram and Tumblr, where photos are shared either with all followers or publicly. A “snap” (Snapchat photo) is only available for a certain time limit, less than 10 seconds, once the user opens it. However the new Snapchat Stories feature allows snaps to be viewed for up to 24 hours, making it a great tool for businesses who have an urgent call to action or want to generate excitement. For a cute demo on how Snapchat works check out their promo video.

Who is on it?

Engaging a younger audience with any kind of marketing strategy can be extremely difficult, but Snapchat makes it inexpensive and effective. This platform is dominated by the 13-25  year old demographic, who make up 71% of Snapchat users. Females make up 70% of users although the number of male users is steadily growing. So if your target market happens to be teenage girls, this is definitely the platform for you.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.59.49 PMSo how can a business use it?

Snapchat still seems very foreign to most marketers, thus only a few businesses (in relation to Facebook and Twitter) have added it to their mobile marketing strategy. Which in turn, could play to your advantage since there is far less competition on Snapchat than other said sites. Brands like Taco Bell have found a way to make their snaps irresistible to users and have an 80% open rate on the snaps they send! This is practically unheard of for any other marketing method, from email to Facebook.

So how do they manage this? They showcase new products and photos that millennials can relate to. Not only this but they use the popular texting language utilized by the 13-25 year old demographic, with certain abbreviations and even emojis.

The combination of “real life” photos and fun text makes Snapchat a special part of the millennial lifestyle.

Here are a few other ways you can use Snapchat to market your brand:

  • Send exclusive rewards or promotions
  • Preview new products
  • Show behind the scenes clips
  • Provide video answers to consumers who  “snap” questions about your product
  • Create a fun giveaway

With its growing popularity, it’s only a matter of time before more and more brands will start adding Snapchat to their mobile marketing mix. Do you think Snapchat is right for you? Are you already using Snapchat for your business? We’d love to know! Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

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Oct 02

Befriending Your Influencers: Treat Them Like People, Not Metrics

Welcome our Guest Blogger, Meshfire!

Meshfire sent us a great article this week with tips you need to know, so they have graciously agreed to let us reprint it here as a guest blog post. Meshfire is a self-described “Social Media Empowerment platform” that is definitely worth a look. Built for agility and speed, Meshfire presents conversations on a taskboard, giving you actionable tasks to complete. Meshfire’s virtual team member gives expert guidance and curates key content, letting you focus on the most important interactions. You can sign up for a free trial here. Now, on to the blog!


unnamedBehind every popular blog or social media account, there is a real person (or people). Forgetting this is what results in unsuccessful campaigns or even social media backlash. Anyone with a popular blog, Twitter account, Facebook page or other social media platform has likely been approached by many types of marketers — and most of the time, these pitches fall flat. The key is not only to seek out content creators who are already aligned with your brand message — but to treat them like friends or allies instead of just another cell on your KPI spreadsheet. Influencers are people, too, not marketing metrics. If you’re ready to take action, here are some positive methods to use, organized by platform:


Echo the casual tone of the micro-blogging site by using abbreviations (which is not hard when you only get 140 characters) and not censoring yourself unnecessarily.
Granted, it is most likely not appropriate to post controversial opinions or anything NSFW on most brand accounts, but don’t be afraid to jump into trending conversations. That said, do a background check on popular memes or risk a serious social media gaffe; after all, DiGiornios Pizza is only the most recent brand to fail to discover where a trending #hashtag came from.


Let your brand or company’s page become a hub for all your online activity. Reviews, contests, links to any news, product launches, events and other happenings, and of course your main website and contact info should all live on Facebook. Also, keep in mind that Facebook works better as a resource center than as a way to push out tons of updates, since people will likely hide your brand’s feed unless they receive something of value such as news of a coupon or special offer. On the contrary, you should be sure to reply to customer comments on a regular basis, whether they are positive or negative. Like it or not, your audience is judging your brand by the speed, tone and effectiveness of your response.


This news aggregator community site has literally millions of subreddits, all with their own memes and types of humor. However, there is an irreverent tone throughout the site (except when there’s not in the more serious subreddits), and it is popular with tech-savvy types in general. What’s more, Redditors can be particularly zealous about calling out marketers or spammers, so be clear about the fact that you’re associated with a brand or company — but act like a human!


Any visually focused brand should be on these platforms, and be well aware of common trends, hashtags, and ways to optimize their images and associated descriptions both for search and for power users by following key memes. Popular hashtags like #nofilter (even if you use one) also can draw attention, as can having a distinctive aspect or “thing” that you feature in your photos — whether that is a particular pose, a branded prop or other element.


For B2B marketers, LinkedIn can be one of the best platforms for content sharing, especially if you have useful white papers, case studies, or other useful info or statistics that will make your audience look like rock stars at their jobs. On the other hand, B2C content can be much less relevant for LinkedIn users, since they mostly use the site to accomplish career-related activities or discover professional resources — so marketers in that realm of the spectrum may do better concentrating their efforts elsewhere.

Tumblr and Blogs

Dealing with bloggers and their various communities can be a little trickier, since there really isn’t one standard — different subsections of the blogosphere can have entirely different ways of communicating with each other, including specialized slang, common memes and more. Working with bloggers tends to require more upfront effort, but it can be one of the most rewarding channels, since these social media power users tend to have most dedicated audiences. While each social media platform has its idiosyncrasies, some elements apply across the board. For instance, refrain from constantly asking for follows/friends (believe us, your audience knows exactly how to connect with you if they want to) and avoid simply copying/pasting the same messages to different users just to save time.


At the end of the day, influencer outreach can be one of the most effective weapons in a content marketing and/or inbound marketing professional’s arsenal — albeit one of the most difficult to deploy successfully. That said, once you build a tribe of loyal devotees, you may be able to conquer the world — or at least your business’s particular niche.

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Sep 26

6 Reasons You Should Be On LinkedIn

It may work with corn fields and baseball players, but "If you build it, they will come" is not a valid LinkedIn strategy

It may work with corn fields and baseball players, but “If you build it, they will come” is not a valid LinkedIn strategy

by Melanie Torres

Perhaps the most overlooked social network, LinkedIn could very well be the most important for both businesses and individual professionals to utilize. The problem is, in comparison to more “fun” social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, users only spend an average of 17 minutes a month on LinkedIn (if that!). Even worse, many individuals create a very bare bones profile and never touch it again. Here’s a secret: the more work you put into LinkedIn, the more you’ll get out of it. So what kind of work do we mean exactly? Check out these 7 easy steps to achieve “All-Star” Profile strength on LinkedIn.

With an “All-Star” profile, LinkedIn can become a very valuable tool for marketing yourself as well as your business. Still wondering why you should bother? Check out these six reasons why you (and everyone) should be on LinkedIn:

Connect With Decision Makers

With 300 million people on LinkedIn, having a profile gives you the opportunity to connect with important people in your industry and also organize your professional relationships. Instead of Facebook friending your boss, employees or that awesome keynote speaker at your last conference, LinkedIn provides a way to keep your professional contacts completely separate from your personal life.

Create A Good Impression

LinkedIn gives you the perfect opportunity to manage your personal brand. Recruiters, clients, competitors and potential employers can all search for you online, and a completed LinkedIn profile controls what their first impression of you will be.

Display Recommendations

LinkedIn provides a great way to harness the power of endorsements from clients and colleagues. With a tool to request and display recommendations, you can reach out to those who have worked with you professionally and showcase these endorsements for others to see.

Show Your Expertise

Aside from showcasing recommendations and having a completed profile, LinkedIn provides some great ways to really add to your credibility. LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers are great ways to join trending conversations relevant to your given industry. Answer questions, post new topics, and exchange information with other professionals.

Manage Your Career

Even if you’re not currently searching for a job, LinkedIn is a great way for recruiters and potential employers to find and reach out to you. If you do happen to be searching for a new job, the LinkedIn job search tool is one of the best ways to go about this. Not only can you see job postings but also connect and follow up whomever posted the job opening from the given company.

Catch Up On Industry News

LinkedIn is the perfect place to stay up to date with the latest things that are important to your industry. Follow relevant companies and top (active) decision makers to see what they’re posting on the LinkedIn NewsFeed. Think of it as Facebook’s NewsFeed minus the funny cat photos and filled with more great news, tips and professional information.


As you can see, LinkedIn can be very beneficial in multiple ways and it should be an essential tool for every professional. If you’re interested in seeing more about the specific LinkedIn stats check out “100 Amazing LinkedIn Statistics”. If you would like individual training or LinkedIn management be sure to contact someone from the NetWeave team. We would love to help!

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Sep 12

6 “go-to” Facebook Posts

by Melanie Torres

Are you responsible for the content management of your company’s social media? If so, you’ve probably encountered many cases of writers block along the way. If you manage multiple social media accounts like us, this probably occurs at least a few times a week. Take it from us, coming up with engaging Facebook posts on the daily can be super tough. However, with a little know-how and a ready selection of “go to” posts at your disposal- you can kiss the days of staring blankly at your computer and/or banging your head against the desk in frustration, goodbye.

Before we divulge a few examples of our favorite “go to” posts, it’s important to understand how and why they work for us. We’ll reiterate a point we make time and time again: social media is not an outlet for you to “sell, sell, sell”. Instead it’s a place for you to engage and build dynamic relationships with your customers. With Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm operating the way it currently does, only an average of 6% of fans actually see what you’re posting. NetWeave clients have an average of 20% fan post penetration, and we try to keep it that way. You know how? We use the Edgerank formula to our advantage.

Say there’s a really important event or product you need to push on social media. The day before you do that post, try posting something that will get lots of engagement naturally. That way more fans will be likely to see your event/product post the following day, because they JUST interacted with your page during your “go to” post.

The following is a list of a few of our favorite posts that usually do the trick of us. Just make sure you keep each of these relevant to your page and use the correct tone of voice that you’ve established with your audience. The idea behind all of these is that people love talking about themselves. Most of the time all you have to do is give them a reason too…

1) A simple text-only question

We love: “If you were to get in your car right now, how long would it take you to get here?” It may seem a little silly but you wouldn’t believe our success rate with something this simple! It’s fun and easy for your fans to play along. Be sure to post it at a peak time and you’ll soon be scrolling through hundreds of comments from your Facebook fans.

2) A shareable meme

BluesFest BabyMemes are impossible to ignore and are present on virtually every social media site out there. The best part is, with tools like memegenerator.net you can make your own! The trick is to find a meme that is still popular and relate it to something about your company’s service or product. This one was created for the Bradenton Blues Festival and used the popular “Victory Baby” meme.

3) A caption-this photo

A picture is worth a thousand words right? So why not ask your fans to write what words a particular photo is saying to them? Funny or heartfelt photos tend to perform the best, but as long as the photo is dynamic you should receive a good response. Just make sure the photo is very relevant to your business.

4) A “this vs. that” question

Tonton SaucesIf one thing is for certain, it’s that people love giving their opinion. All you have to do is ask them what they prefer. It generally works better if you give your fans some kind of context. For example, for The Florida Aquarium we asked fans who would win in a “battle of cuteness”, otters vs. penguins. For Tonton Sauces & Dressings (shown here) we asked which dressing fans preferred on their salad. Get creative with it! You can keep it text-only or use photos.

5) An inspirational quote

A weekly dose of inspiration never hurts, and with so many to choose from there’s always at least one that’s relevant to your fans. Include one with a photo and it becomes instantly shareable. We like finding quotes on brainyquote.com and then adding them to one of our own photos like this one for Bungalow Beach Resort.


6) A trending hashtag

With hashtags being clickable on Facebook, you can reach more people if you join a trending topic. If you can’t relate to anything that’s currently trending you can always use a popular “day of the week” hashtag instead. There’s plenty to choose from but we love:
#ThrowbackThursday or #TBT
#WeddingWednesday or #WordlessWednesday

The following is a fun #ThrowbackThursday post we did for Bok Tower Gardens.

Bok Tower TBT

Do you have a few “go-to” posts of your own? We would love to hear them! Please leave yours in the comment section below.

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Sep 02

5 Ways To Use Hyperlapse For Business

by Melanie Torres

Hyperlapse by InstagramIf you’ve been following the NetWeave blog posts, you have probably noticed that I’m particularly fond of Instagram. So it shouldn’t be a huge surprise when I say that the moment I found out about Instagram’s newly released, first ever stand alone app Hyperlapse, I felt like a five year old on Christmas morning. Essentially it’s an app that allows the everyday individual to produce high-quality time-lapse videos for social media. If this is the first time you’re hearing of it take a second to watch this little promo video now.

I love trying out new ways to bring my client’s Instagram posts to the next level, and with such a wide range of Instagram apps out there, it’s a never ending journey of creativity. Upon downloading the free Hyperlapse app I figured I would spend a solid amount of time becoming acquainted with how it works. Many apps tend to be over complicated and it can take hours to really figure out how to navigate and operate them to their fullest potential. I’m happy to say that’s NOT the case with Hyperlapse. It’s straightforward (6 speeds to choose from), simple to use, and shares seamlessly to Facebook and Instagram with just one click. Not to mention, it’s completely free. Way to go Instagram! This app gets five stars in my book. 😉

After playing around with the app and creating a few adorable videos of my dog playing fetch, the wheels started turning as I began to think of how businesses can best utilize this new tool. Below is a list of the top five ideas that came to mind.

1) Behind-the-Scene/Tours

Hyperlapse features built-in stabilization technology that lets you move while you film and results in a cinematic look, quality and feel. Therefore, perhaps one of the coolest ways to leverage this app is to give your fans a 15 second tour of something related to your company. If your facility is small enough (think a restaurant, store, or office building) you can do a speedy tour of the entire thing. If your facility is too large (think Disney World) you can create several tour videos of different areas. For tourism companies the possibilities are endless! Depending on your location you can: take a hike through the woods, walk along the beach, bike over a bridge, take a cab through a city, explore a botanical garden, go rock climbing… get the picture?

2) Timelapse

Fairly obvious since this is of course what it is intended for. The creativity lies in WHAT exactly you’ll be filming a timelapse of. A sunset for a beach resort, a fashion show for a well known designer, people coming in and out of a store for a retailer, a house being built for a construction company, fish swimming in a tank for an aquarium, etc. Explore the possibilities!.

3) Demonstrations (How To)

Instead of describing how to do something solely with text, why not incorporate a speedy video demo? A Hyperlapse video can be a fun accompaniment to a blog post, article, or even just a simple post. With “Do-it-Yourself” tutorials being all the rage, this app allows you to make an exceptionally useful video in just a short amount of time. For example, a recipe that normally takes several minutes to prep can be sped up to just 15 seconds! Here’s a little tip for those of you who will be making particularly long “How To” videos and need to find a way to speed it up even more for Instagram purposes. Separate the tutorial into individual videos (saved to your camera roll) all at the same speed. Then use an app like Givit Video Editor to stitch the videos together before uploading to Instagram.

4) Promotions

There’s nothing people love more than exclusive sneak peeks, and Hyperlapse is an exciting way to showcase that. Do you have a new line of shoes that just hit the sales floor? Or perhaps an upcoming event that you want to promote? Include this app in your marketing campaign and create a little mini “commercial” for whatever you’ll be promoting.

5) Contests

Having trouble coming up a with a good Hyperlapse video on your own? Turn it into a fun contest and ask people to submit their best one to you! Feature the best videos on your social media platforms, website, newsletter, and even at your next event. All you need to do is come up with a general concept for fans to use and let them be the creative ones. Just make sure if they’re submitting it to Instagram that you tell them to use a specific unique hashtag and mention your company in the description so it’s easily sorted.
While using Hyperlapse for any of the above ideas, keep this in mind. When it comes to creating a video- Make it unique, make it your own, and most importantly, make it shareable. Happy Hyperlapsing everyone!

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Aug 25

5 Tips for Using Social Media For Events

By Melanie Torres

Promoting an event can be tedious work. Between leveraging various forms of traditional media, ie: flyers, tv commercials and radio spots, there’s also the whole “social” aspect to consider. Everyone knows WOM (word-of-mouth) marketing is one of the best forms of promotion, as most consumers will consult with friends and/or family before making a purchasing decision. Social media gives you a way to stimulate word of mouth recommendations and keep consumers engaged with updates on the given event. But with an array of social media platforms at your disposal, which ones are the best for event promotion and how can you utilize each to it’s fullest potential?

Depending on the event, many different social platforms can be used for both promotion and live updates. However we’ve come to find that three stand out from the crowd in offering the best ways to spark consumer interest, sell tickets, and update live during the event. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all offer a multitude of options to increase awareness, drive traffic to an event’s webpage, and most importantly, provide a place for people to create a conversation about your event and share it with their connections. The following are tried and true methods we at NetWeave have used for our clients that have proven to be successful.

1) Custom Event Hashtag

One of the best ways to gather all conversations about your event in one central location is to create a custom hashtag. We recommend using something short, memorable, and easy to spell. Check Twitter, Facebook and Instagram prior to release to ensure no one else is currently using the hashtag for other purposes.

A great example of such a hashtag is #Snooty65, which we used to promote Snooty the Manatee’s 65th birthday at the South Florida Museum. Not only did we blast this on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but it was also released to the media. This encouraged other companies and news stations to use and promote the hashtag themselves, resulting in increased awareness of the event and more conversations on social media.

2) Ticket Giveaways

A fun way to spread awareness of your event while also getting people excited about attending it is to offer free tickets. There are many different types of contests and sweepstakes you can run on all three social platforms, but the most important thing to keep in mind is to keep it simple. The more barriers to entry there are, the less people will participate. We found that a simple Facebook “Comment Contest” tends to work best and generates a lot of engagement.

All you have to do is create a post asking fans to answer a particular question related to the event. Give them a deadline to enter and award the fan with the best answer two tickets to your event. Asking fans to retweet or regram an image on Twitter and Instagram respectively are other great options for ticket giveaways. The contest possibilities really are endless so be creative with it! Make it unique, fun, and engaging.

3) A Shareable Video

People respond very well to visual stimulation, and creating a fun preview of your upcoming event can spark a lot of conversation. If your event is an annual one, we suggest putting together footage from the previous year and posting it to YouTube. It can then be shared on Facebook and Twitter. If the event is brand new, come up with a series of short (15 second) sneak peeks and preview them on Instagram. Then encourage people to follow you on IG to see all more sneak previews.

If you take the YouTube route, be sure to keep the video short (under three minutes), upbeat, and fun. Highlight the best parts about your event and show people having a good time. In short- make it something worth sharing! Include a link to your event webpage so people have easy access to purchasing tickets. Here’s an example of a video for The Florida Aquarium’s annual craft beer festival, Brews By The Bay:

4) Facebook Event Tab and Facebook Advertising

A Facebook Event created for the 40th anniversary of SUN ‘n FUN.

Above is an example of a Facebook Event created for the 40th anniversary of SUN ‘n FUN.

One of the easiest ways to have your event attendees share your event with friends is to create a Facebook event listing. Each time a fan shares that they are attending your event, their Facebook connections are notified, which can potentially drive more people to your Facebook Page. Also, now that Facebook has made some significant Timeline layout changes, it would be beneficial to create a Facebook advertisement that drives traffic directly to your FB event listing.

5) Live Tweet/Post/Gram

Don’t make the mistake of thinking event promotion stops as soon as the event begins. Instead take your “social” influence to the next level and encourage people to participate in conversations while attending the event (using the custom hashtag of course). Post photos, share updates, and upload quick videos live to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We love taking live social media coverage to the next level by setting up a screen at the event where a stream of Tweets and Instagram photos can be projected for attendees to see. This serves as a great incentive to have people participate and share photos of themselves while at the event. We recommend TwitterFall  for a live Twitter feed and Eventstagram for a live Instagram feed.

We encourage you to use these tips to promote your next event and would love to hear how it worked for you! Of course, if you need help implementing any (or all) of the above please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Aug 14

6 Must Have Apps for Instagram

By Melanie Torres

Instagram has grown exponentially in the past couple years, going from an exclusive ios-app to a massive social network with 200 million monthly users, 36% of whom are 18-29 year olds within the United States. With Facebook as its parent company, Instagram has been able to roll out new features that have not only made it more visually appealing, but also give their competitors a good run for their money. Case in point: Vine, the trendy video sharing app that allows users to shoot and edit 6 second video clips and share them to Twitter directly, took a pretty big tumble after Instagram released their own video sharing feature in 2013. Instagram’s version of video editing gives users the ability to shoot 15 second video clips, add filters and choose to share directly to Facebook and Twitter.


This chart showcases the steep decline of Vine links being shared on Twitter just 1 week after Instagram launched their video feature. (source:HuffPo)

Not too long after releasing their video tool, Instagram decided to take on Snapchat with their own version of private photo sharing called Instagram Direct. It’s been a little over eight months since the feature was released and it’s quietly gaining momentum with an average of 45 million active users. Snapchat hasn’t suffered since the release but that could be changing if Instagram decides to update that feature in the future.

With constant changes to make Instagram stickier for users, more and more businesses have hopped on the IG band wagon. If you’re one such business, you may have noticed how different each account approaches their posts. Perhaps the greatest appeal of Instagram is the individuality that is so noticeably showcased within each account. Every business and consumer displays a unique personality- demonstrated by their profile description, commonly selected filters, and of course, the content of the photos and videos they choose to upload. With millions of photos being uploaded each day, it’s important to make yours stand out in the crowd.

If you’re looking for ways to transform your ordinary Instagram account into something extraordinary, look no further. We’ve put together a list of “must-have” apps that when used properly, can really take your Instagram to the next level. The best part? They’re all free!

Cropic1) Cropic

If you don’t want to crop an image into the standard Instagram square, Cropic is the app for you. It allows you to:

  • Post full size photos on Instagram
  • Move, rotate, flip the photo easily
  • Design a fun layout
  • Choose color tones and patterns to apply to the background
  • Save directly to camera roll
  • Share to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

2) InstaFollow

One of the best engagement analytics tool for businesses. InstaFollow gives you a personal Instagram dashboard that tracks everything you need to know about your followers in real time:

  • Track new Instagram followers
  • Track users who decided to unfollow you
  • Follow and Unfollow users
  • See who blocked your account
  • Track who your best and worst followers are
  • View detailed user profiles

PicStitch3) PicStitch

Have more than one photo you would like to share? PicStitch is one of the best collage apps around and features:

  • Up to 232 different layouts
  • 15 different photo dimensions
  • Photo Filters
  • Ability to share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Dropbox
  • Save directly to camera roll
  • Pick up prints at Walgreens with QuickPrints

4) Repost For Instagram

Want to feature photos of your business that were posted by fans? Repost is a quick and easy way to regram their photos while giving proper credit. It also allows you to:

  • Bookmark photos and videos to repost them later
  • Search photos by username or hashtag
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts
  • Repost directly to Instagram

InstaVid5) InstaVid For Instagram

One of the best ways to create a photo AND video collage. InstaVid features:

  • 39 different layouts
  • Add music to your collage
  • Choose multiple border colors and designs
  • Share directly to Instagram

6) InstaQuote

Ever wonder how to add text to your Instagram images? InstaQuote is perfect for adding fun quotes, sales messages, or even contest rules to your selected image:

  • 20 designed templates
  • Choose from a variety of backgrounds or use your own photo
  • Share directly to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter
  • Save to Camera Roll
  • Change hue, saturation, brightness and contrast
  • Over 50 unique font choices
  • Customize your words- font size, color, alignment position and line spacing


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Aug 07

10 Biggest Social Media Fails (and what you can learn from them)

By Melanie Torres

The internet can be a ruthless place, especially for companies looking to hold a conversation on social media platforms. One minute you’re posting a funny cat photo and the next you’ve got a never ending string of comments from disgruntled fans. See the connection? Yeah, we don’t either. Welcome to the fun world of social media management. A world where you never quite know which campaigns will be a huge hit and which posts will go over like a lead balloon.

Anyone who manages a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube or Pinterest account for a business knows the struggles of online customer service. When a customer is right in front of you it’s easier to gauge their emotional investment and gain control of the situation. Put that customer behind a computer screen and suddenly figuring out what exactly they want from you is ten times more difficult. A good Community Manager will make it a priority to find the right way to post for their particular audience and will also figure out when and how to respond to fans. But a GREAT Community Manager will know when to admit when a mistake has been made and take the proper steps to set things straight.

Whether you’re a Social Media newbie or a seasoned professional, learning from your posting mistakes is the first step to success. Unless of course you can learn from OTHER people’s mistakes… in which case you should definitely do the latter. 😉

We’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest social media blunders made by both large and small businesses alike. Be sure to take notes- these can all be added to your mental “Do Not Do” list:

1) US Airways pornographic tweet

US Airways accidentally tweeted a pornographic image, which involved a lady with a ‘toy’ airplane, causing a social media outrage! (We can’t even run the image blurred out, it’s that bad.) It took the airline company an hour to remove the image. According to the company, they had copied the image to their clipboard when reporting the image to Twitter, and inadvertently pasted it in a message instead.

The Takeaway- Always double check your photos before posting/tweeting/gramming etc.

2) Delta Airlines uses an image of a giraffe to represent Ghana

Delta Ghana TweetIn an attempt to congratulate the US Team on their win against Ghana during the World Cup, Delta posted a photo using a giraffe to represent Ghana. Unfortunately for Delta, giraffes are not native to Ghana, and internet users were quick to comment on Delta’s geographical ignorance.

The Takeaway– Don’t make assumptions. When in doubt, research!

3) United Airlines breaks musician David Carrol’s guitar

After arriving at his destination, musician David Carrol realized United Airlines baggage handlers had damaged his $3500 guitar. He warned the Airline that if nothing was done he would write a hit song and post it on YouTube. The video he posted about United Airlines breaking guitars went viral, a documentary was made, and even a book got published.

The Takeaway– Never underestimate your fans. Do what you can to make things right when a customer has a negative experience.

4) Kmart responds with hundreds of automated tweets

Kmart Auto Tweet FailAfter announcing they were open earlier on Thanksgiving and would stay open through all of Black Friday, people tweeted their disapproval of Kmart’s lack of ethics. Kmart responded to every single complaint with the same impersonal “corporate” response, which only made things worse.

The Takeaway– Personalized responses to angry or disgruntled fans will go a much longer way than a “corporate” automated response.

5) Home Depot’s “racist” College Game Day tweet

No one is sure whether this particular tweet was racist or just plain stupid. Either way, Home Depot was accused of racism and was forced to remove the tweet, apologize and fire the social media agency responsible.

The Takeaway– If the post walks a fine line or can have a negative connotation, chances are your followers will exploit it.

6) London Luton Airport’s uses a plane crash photo on their Facebook post

In order to make themselves seem like a better airport, London Luton decided to use a photo of a Chicago flight that had slid off the runway in order to market themselves. Turns out the incident pictured had resulted in the death of a six year old boy, and the airport received a firestorm of criticism for its lack of sensitivity.

The Takeaway– Never use the failure of another brand in order to promote your own. Also, do your research.

7) Amy’s Baking Company yells at fans on Facebook and Yelp… repeatedly

Amy's Baking Company FailAfter being featured in a pretty outrageous episode of Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares.” the owners of Amy’s Baking Company took out their anger on Facebook. After multiple psychotic and cringeworthy rants the couple claimed that their social media had been “hacked”. By then, the damage had been done and no one believed them.

The Takeaway– Don’t use all caps. Don’t insult your followers. Don’t act crazy. Don’t post long rants. Don’t make fun of Gordon Ramsey. Don’t bring God into the mix.

8) McDonald’s #McDstories campaign goes terribly wrong

In an attempt to spark a series of positive comments about their brand, McDonald’s created the #McDstories hashtag campaign asking people to share their experiences with McDonalds on Social Media. Unfortunately the hashtag quickly became a “bashtag” as hundreds of users tweeted negative comments and experiences instead of positive ones.

The Takeaway– Don’t assume people have amazing things to say about your company and have a backup plan in case things don’t go the way you planned.

9) AT&T’s “Never Forget” Twitter photo

On September 11th, AT&T posted this photo to Twitter causing a social outrage. The company quickly removed the image and apologized. Much to their dismay, many Twitter users attacked their apology as well, with some even saying they were going to switch to Sprint instead.

The Takeaway- Never use a tragedy as an opportunity for shameless self promotion.

10) Kellogg’s Hungry Kids Breakfast Campaign

kellogs tweet failThe cereal manufacturer posted the tweet “1 RT = 1 breakfast for a vulnerable child” as part of it’s “Give A Child Breakfast” campaign. It was met with harsh criticism on social media with many users bashing the company for withholding breakfast from children unless they had enough retweets. Kellogg’s removed the tweet and apologized, but it still left a bad taste in the mouths of fans.

The Takeaway– Don’t ever trade social media engagement for an act of kindness. Guilt tripping your customers is never a good strategy.

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Jul 16

5 Ways to Give Your Facebook Page A FaceLift

by Melanie Torres

Do you find yourself in a Facebook rut? If you’re suffering from recurring writer’s block and resorting to posting the same things each week, it may be time to pause and hit the mental “refresh” button. One of the worst mistakes a social media marketer can make (and one that we all tend to do at one point or another) is develop a serious case of “habitual” posting. You know- the kinds of posts that you make a little too frequently and that tend to go over like a lead balloon? There are many reasons why this can happen- not enough content, lack of creativity, having to adapt to the constant changes of fan preferences, or simply becoming complacent with your current Facebook post habits. Trust us, we get it. If your Facebook page is feeling a bit stagnant we have a few tips and tricks that may give your business page the perfect face(book) lift.

1) Invest in Page Post Engagement ads:

If your organic reach is at an all time low (the average across Facebook is 6%), you may want to start investing in Page Post Engagement advertising to get your current fan base engaging with your content again. You can find out what your organic reach is by visiting your Facebook insights and dividing the “post reach” number by your total page likes.

2) Focus on making posts relatable:

Take advantage of trending hashtags, like #ThrowbackThursday to really showcase important and heartfelt aspects/stories of your business. The more people can relate to your posts the more likely they are to “like” and share them. Remember, people would rather connect with other people than with a “business”. Social Media provides a great way to humanize your brand, but only if you’re leveraging that aspect with the right kind of content. So highlighting business anniversaries, community service acts, and stories of fans and even staff members can really appeal to your fans.

3) Provide exclusive content:

Keep in mind your fans are following you on Facebook to receive interesting content that they wouldn’t find elsewhere. In other words, don’t just stick to posting things that are found on your company website or in your brochures. Find ways to dive deeper and show a little more of a “behind-the-scenes” look at things. Keep them up to date with the latest projects, exhibits, products, etc that your business is currently working on.

4) Create a fun giveaway:

With #TicketTuesday being all the rage, giving some kind of prize (whether it be a product or a pair of tickets) in exchange for engagement could be your ticket to getting new fans, and keeping current ones coming back each week or month for more. One easy way to do this is to run a simple comment contest. Post a fun photo that relates to your business and ask fans to provide the best caption, answer a trivia question, or provide input on something. Give them 24 hours to do so and announce one winner the next day on Facebook. Be sure to include these terms in the post description and once the winner is selected ask them to send you a private message for details on how to claim their prize.

5) Get your fans involved:

If your page is starting to look like a walking advertisement, this may be the single most important “facelift” tip we offer. In order to engage your fans you not only need to provide content that they will find interesting, but it’s also necessary to add a little extra encouragement. You can do this a few ways:

  • Include call to action statements on some of your posts (ex: “share this if____,” or “tell us ______.”)
  • Post questions
  • Ask fans to share their stories or photos to be featured on your social media

By applying these tips and making them work for whatever your business may be, your Facebook page should be looking perfectly refreshed in no time! Of course if you need any help determining whether your page is in need of a major facelift or not, we would love to help! Just ask us about our Facebook Audits and someone from the NetWeave team will be in touch with you.

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Jul 02


By Melanie Torres

You’ve seen it on the tweets you follow, your friend’s Instagram photos and even on television commercials. The Hashtag, once known only as a simple pound (#) sign, has taken over the social media world by storm and the term was even added to the 2014 version of the Merriam Webster Dictionary. TH_hashtag politics_handsWith countless hashtags being added to virtually every social media platform, how do you determine which are effective and which are purely entertaining? Effective hashtagging depends on a few variables, the most important being the social site you’re posting on. Read on for an easy guide to getting the most out of your hashtags for three of the most popular social media sites that use them:


The social site that gave birth to the hashtag. Twitter Users can search for trending topics based solely on hashtag searches and can follow along during live events like the #WorldCup or even television shows like #WalkingDead. The appeal of hashtags on Twitter is that it allows a user to organize a conversation and to quickly find or track all tweets on any given subject. It was, in fact, invented by the Twitter users themselves so that they could track conversations easily, since the # character was not something people used commonly in posts. Since Twitter is all about real time communication, following trending hashtags gives you the ability to immediately jump into the conversation. So what are the most effective ways to take advantage of these real-time updates? Here are a few tips:

  1. As we mentioned, hashtags are great for covering live events. Be sure to inform the media, fans and guests that they can follow along or tweet about an event your company is hosting with a certain hashtag. Keep it short, catchy and easy to remember. Most importantly, make sure other Twitter users aren’t already using that hashtag for unrelated topics.
  2. Come up with a creative hashtag campaign that works to give users a good sense of what your brand is all about. Click here for some inspiration from previous successful hashtag campaigns.
  3. Have a good PR plan in place in case your hashtag campaign goes rogue. The most important thing to understand about hashtags is that anyone can use them, and sometimes not for what they were originally intended for. Just look at what happened to McDonald’s #McDstories campaign.
  4. Stick to 1 or 2 hashtags per tweet. It’s a microblogging platform and if 90% of your 140 characters is made up of hashtags, no one will want to click on them. Think of hashtags as a conversation centered around one particular topic. You’ll see more engagement if you have multiple tweets all using different relevant hashtags, than one tweet with five relevant hashtags.
  5. You MUST monitor the conversation, especially with a unique hashtag campaign. The last thing you want is a stream of bad tweets all using your hashtag. By staying on top of it all, you can try to steer the conversation back to a positive direction, respond to questions or negative comments, or put your PR plan into action.


Following in Twitter’s footsteps and in the pursuit to be people’s number one source for the latest news and trending topics, Facebook made hashtags “clickable” on posts. Just like Twitter, clickable hashtags helps people find posts about topics they’re interested in. Although hashtags are not yet driving additional engagement overall, many top brands are demonstrating effective ways to use them. Here are a few other rules to keep in mind when using hashtags on Facebook:

  1. Hashtags are a great way to create synergy between all your social platforms, making it easier for fans to find your content anywhere they look. Be sure to use the same hashtag on Facebook as you do on Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Trending Topics, one of the newest additions to the Facebook Newsfeed, makes participating in the most popular conversations more simple. See what other companies and individuals are saying about a particular topic and use the same hashtag in your posts about it. It’s also smart to comment on other brand’s posts to spread awareness of your brand.
  3. Find out which “Day of the Week” hashtags are being used and plan your posting strategy around them. For example, since #ThrowbackThursday is so popular it would be smart to post a nostalgic photo of something related to your business on Thursdays with said hashtag.
  4. Don’t, and we repeat, DON’T be a #hashtag #douchebag. Just because hashtags are clickable on Facebook doesn’t mean you should use them on every post or overload any given post with hashtags.


Instagram should really be known as “Hashtagram”, since using effective hashtags really make or break the success of your posts. There are only two ways to search items on IG- by username or hashtag. As you can probably conclude, hashtag searches are used more often than username and therefore are the most important technical aspect of a post description. So here are the rules:

  1. Use a mixture of 10-20 relevant and trending hashtags on each post. (You can find the “Top 100” trending hashtags on webstagram.com)
  2. Come up with one hashtag you want all your fans to use on their posts about your business. Then promote that hashtag on your website, other social sites and your Instagram Profile Description.
  3. Find out what hashtags your target audience is using to search and post about photos that are in your industry. For example, if you are a fitness studio, search for fitness enthusiasts and use the most common hashtags they are using (like igfit or fitspo).
  4. Get on board with whatever the local and state tourism agencies are using and be sure to incorporate them on each relevant post. For example, VISIT FLORIDA has a new hashtag campaign called #LoveFL. They will not only feature photos using this hashtag on their own web and social sites, but they will also engage with users who post it.

One of the most important things to remember when adding hashtags to any of these social sites is that quality ALWAYS trumps quantity. Even in the case of Instagram where a large number of hashtags are necessary, the relevance and popularity of each of the hashtags matters most. We hope you enjoyed our Guide to Hashtags and wish you the best on your hashtagging ventures!

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