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NetWeaving a Better World

NetWeave operates under certain principles that we believe reduce waste and manage resources in a manner that is manageable in a successful business climate. We’re not perfect, and we have a business to run, so while we may not be envirnmental angels, here’s what we do to try to do our part:

sproutWe are paper-free… almost. We do have business cards, but other than that we print nothing unless it is absolutely necessary, not even invoices or handouts for our classes.  Look, it’s the 21st century and if we can’t have the flying car we were promised, the least we can do is email each other a PDF now and then instead of killing trees daily by printing out everything.

plugWe moderate our demands on the system. We work off hours so that most of our work takes place during periods that are not traditionally peak-usage times for electricity in our area. Stable demand means more efficient supply of energy is easier to achieve. We work with minimal lights, low screen brightnesses, etc. However, it’s Florida… we DO run our A/C. We’re not crazy.

We buy the best equipment we can. Metal cases for our laptops as opposed to plastic, low heat signatures, small batteries, efficient and fast processors. We get it: any computer has a carbon footprint, and we’re not Greenpeace, but if a faster computer for us is also one that has it’s footprint minimized, it’s a win-mostly win. We also buy used/refurbished whenever the business case supports it.

carWe try to avoid driving.  We use virtual presence or conference calling as much as we can so there’s no trip at all. All our associates telecommute.

If you see a way we can be even better at treading lightly on the planet – while still delivering top notch service to our customers, mind you – please give us your ideas and suggestions!


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