Aug 31

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4 Ways to sift through the noise, and connect on Twitter

TweetThe Twitter landscape is full of noise. In fact, it’s famous for it. Since its inception nearly ten years ago, Twitter has truly capitalized on the quick-witted message, the type of piffy prose you can consume in a matter of seconds. It’s a social media platform that’s perfect for those of us who like to scroll, and want our information fast, and to the point. However, sometimes, with so many messages from so many sources, Twitter can get a little cluttered. So cluttered, in fact, that you may miss a lot of quality tweets, or just get frustrated by the barrage of unsorted information.

This is a problem for many users, and businesses, that need their message to connect. It’s important to make sure that when you tweet, your tweets are seen, and seen by the right people. Just adding to the “noise” is counterproductive, and can actually hurt your business or personal brand. But don’t worry; there are some simple steps you can take to break through. Here are our thoughts on how to sift through the noise, and really make an impact with your tweets, while connecting to the audience you want:

1 – Timing is everything

In order for your tweets to truly make an impact, you need to make sure they’re seen at the right time. On average, you should send out about 5-6 tweets per day, spaced out throughout the busiest hours where most of your target audience is online. Since Twitter has so much content, spacing out the times of your tweets broadens the chances of someone seeing it when they’re signed in. Also, with consistently timed tweets, you can diversify what types of users are checking out, and (more importantly) interacting with your content.

2 – Get creative, and ask questions

Simply broadcasting information all day won’t inspire most users to engage with your tweets. Even if your content is good, if it’s not creative, it’s unlikely to get users to reply, retweet, or click through to your link. Since you’ve only got 140 characters, you’re going to need to be brief, fun, and convince your audience to ask for more, or tell you what they think of what you’ve written.

A good way to do this is with a graphic or video, tagged with a short statement and/or question to inspire a follow up. This will also lead to more retweets (RTs) which can grow your reach exponentially, and drive follows from people who otherwise wouldn’t have seen your Twitter feed.

3 – Jump on trending topics

Twitter trends move fast and furious, and catch on like wildfire as far as overall reach and engagement. Use this to your advantage, even if the trending topics aren’t directly related to your business or brand. Talking to your audience as if they are your friends (at least on Twitter) will help endear them to you, and creatively chiming in on a popular trending topic also shows that you are actively “in the know” about what your followers are talking about.

4 – Respond personally to as many tweets as you can

Giving feedback to your followers is crucial when trying to be effective with your message on Twitter, and break through the noise. When have good, creative, well-timed content, people are more likely to engage you by tweeting at your business with comments and questions. Answer them. It typically takes less than a minute to return a tweet from someone, and even a simple “thank you” goes a long way. If people, and more importantly your customers, feel like they’re valued on a personal level, they will be far more likely to help push your tweets, and message, to a much larger, more effective audience.

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