Jul 16

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5 Ways to Give Your Facebook Page A FaceLift

by Melanie Torres

Do you find yourself in a Facebook rut? If you’re suffering from recurring writer’s block and resorting to posting the same things each week, it may be time to pause and hit the mental “refresh” button. One of the worst mistakes a social media marketer can make (and one that we all tend to do at one point or another) is develop a serious case of “habitual” posting. You know- the kinds of posts that you make a little too frequently and that tend to go over like a lead balloon? There are many reasons why this can happen- not enough content, lack of creativity, having to adapt to the constant changes of fan preferences, or simply becoming complacent with your current Facebook post habits. Trust us, we get it. If your Facebook page is feeling a bit stagnant we have a few tips and tricks that may give your business page the perfect face(book) lift.

1) Invest in Page Post Engagement ads:

If your organic reach is at an all time low (the average across Facebook is 6%), you may want to start investing in Page Post Engagement advertising to get your current fan base engaging with your content again. You can find out what your organic reach is by visiting your Facebook insights and dividing the “post reach” number by your total page likes.

2) Focus on making posts relatable:

Take advantage of trending hashtags, like #ThrowbackThursday to really showcase important and heartfelt aspects/stories of your business. The more people can relate to your posts the more likely they are to “like” and share them. Remember, people would rather connect with other people than with a “business”. Social Media provides a great way to humanize your brand, but only if you’re leveraging that aspect with the right kind of content. So highlighting business anniversaries, community service acts, and stories of fans and even staff members can really appeal to your fans.

3) Provide exclusive content:

Keep in mind your fans are following you on Facebook to receive interesting content that they wouldn’t find elsewhere. In other words, don’t just stick to posting things that are found on your company website or in your brochures. Find ways to dive deeper and show a little more of a “behind-the-scenes” look at things. Keep them up to date with the latest projects, exhibits, products, etc that your business is currently working on.

4) Create a fun giveaway:

With #TicketTuesday being all the rage, giving some kind of prize (whether it be a product or a pair of tickets) in exchange for engagement could be your ticket to getting new fans, and keeping current ones coming back each week or month for more. One easy way to do this is to run a simple comment contest. Post a fun photo that relates to your business and ask fans to provide the best caption, answer a trivia question, or provide input on something. Give them 24 hours to do so and announce one winner the next day on Facebook. Be sure to include these terms in the post description and once the winner is selected ask them to send you a private message for details on how to claim their prize.

5) Get your fans involved:

If your page is starting to look like a walking advertisement, this may be the single most important “facelift” tip we offer. In order to engage your fans you not only need to provide content that they will find interesting, but it’s also necessary to add a little extra encouragement. You can do this a few ways:

  • Include call to action statements on some of your posts (ex: “share this if____,” or “tell us ______.”)
  • Post questions
  • Ask fans to share their stories or photos to be featured on your social media

By applying these tips and making them work for whatever your business may be, your Facebook page should be looking perfectly refreshed in no time! Of course if you need any help determining whether your page is in need of a major facelift or not, we would love to help! Just ask us about our Facebook Audits and someone from the NetWeave team will be in touch with you.

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