Jun 26

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What’s the most popular social site for teens? The answer will surprise you!

By Melanie Torres

Teenagers. They’ve been a mystery parents and marketers have been trying to solve for years, and this generation is no exception. For the most part teens have been dealing with the same things for ages- acne, raging hormones, a healthy dose of angst, etc. However, thanks to modern day technology this particular generation of teens have a whole new way of dealing with and expressing the common ups and downs of pre-adulthood…Social Media.

If your business is marketing to teens, it’s best to think like a teen. But what exactly is it like to be a modern day teenager?

Start by getting a smartphone. Trust us, you won’t be able to do much without one. Ditch the phone calls (ain’t nobody got time for that) and opt for constant texting instead. Why watch regular television when YouTube has so much more to offer? Paying for music is so 1999, it’s better to tune into a free station like Pandora instead. Doing something cool? Better post it on Facebook or people might think it didn’t happen. Sundays aren’t just a day of rest… it’s also prime time to post a selfie on Instagram (#selfiesunday)! And don’t forget to connect with fellow peers by showing them all your daily activities (fun or mundane) with SnapChat.

Phew, no wonder teens always seem glued to their phones!

Now that you’re thinking like a teen, you might be asking yourself WHICH of these online websites, apps, and services you should be investing the most time and effort. In a comprehensive survey conducted by Niche in June of 2014, 7,000 Class of 2014 students ranked 50 popular apps and websites based on frequency of usage. Here’s the breakdown:

Most Popular Apps (Teens)
As you can see, there are four key players that we would suggest focusing on if you’re looking to reach teens: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat.

Facebook dominates with 61% of daily active users – just another reason to argue that Facebook is still the cool kid on the block and requires a solid marketing strategy. Followed closely behind is Youtube with an impressive 55% of daily active users and overall winner of “Most Widespread Usage”. Image-sharing apps Instagram and Snapchat both share an impressive 50% of daily active users, but Instagram dominates with the most engaged users. For those of you who thought Twitter was for moms and dads, you may be surprised to see it didn’t fall too far behind and holds almost 40% of daily teen usage!

The main takeaway is that teens are very accustomed to communicating and sharing content online and if your business plans on successfully being adopted into “teen culture” it’s important to focus your resources on the apps and services they love most. Eleven apps out of 25 listed have been used by at least 50% of teens, with the top four we mentioned being used at least once a day. It’s your job to determine how you can best use these apps and social platforms to your advantage. After all, it’s not enough to just be present on these sites – true social marketing success comes from lots of time and effort. If you need help coming up with a social strategy on any of the platforms mentioned just ask us! Or fill out our quick survey and receive a FREE 1 hour consultation to talk about these or any other social media that could help grow your business.




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