Mar 27

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Chill Out- Facebook Is Still Cool

dreamstime_xs_10482463Turns out Facebook hasn’t lost it’s “cool” factor just yet. Rumors that teenagers are abandoning the platform in droves have been circulating around the social scene for years. If you’re in charge of social media marketing for your company, all these “Facebook isn’t cool anymore” talks could end up working you into a tizzy… But before you decide your Business page isn’t worth it anymore and start furiously creating accounts on Tumblr, Snapchat, Vine and Instagram, just pause for a second. Take a breath, and let’s look at some good hard evidence that supports the contrary.

  1. Facebook is currently used by nearly 80% of Americans ages 12-24.

  1. The average number of Facebook friends for users ages 12-17 is 521 while the average for ages 18-24 is 649.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg admitted that it’s hard to pinpoint metrics on teens because some people lie about their age. There’s no strict verification process to determine the age of a user when they sign up, even though kids under 13 “aren’t technically allowed” on FB

  1. Of 900 millennials polled by The Intelligence Group55% said they would most prefer brands to communicate with them on Facebook rather than rivals YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr

  1. Facebook users ages 12-24 check their Facebook pages an average of eight times a day.

So given this evidence, it’s apparent that teenagers aren’t leaving Facebook in droves. Although they may not be the fastest growing demographic on the site, they are certainly still occupying quite a lot of space and time on it. What’s really important to be aware of, is that teen relationships on Facebook are changing, which means the way you market your product on it should change as well.

Teens are no longer impressed that brands are merely ON Facebook. That much is considered a necessity. They are also very aware that Facebook collects large amounts of data on them, so strictly relying on catchy News Feed advertising isn’t going to convert any teens into loyal fans. Instead, it’s crucial to find ways to identify with them. As a Brand, your focus should be on cultivating valuable, relevant and unique content that teens aren’t going to find anywhere else.

Facebook is also brainstorming new ways to keep teenagers engaged. Just this past Tuesday, Facebook acquired Oculus VR Inc., a company that makes virtual reality gaming glasses, for $2 Billion. This acquisition may result in gaining more online time of young users, particularly within the 18-35 demographic. “Facebook believes that they can use Oculus to reach a different demographic, a teenage gamer demographic,” said Patrick Moorhead, an analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy. “Facebook realizes that user engagement is the key to monetizing social media. The highest user engagement could come through virtual reality via the Oculus VR.”

With the hopes of Facebook virtual reality games on the horizon, it looks like they may have found a way of becoming the “coolest” social platform of the future.

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