Mar 07

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5 Tips to be a Tweet Genius

Ah Twitter. The social network that created the notorious #hashtag, inspired people all over the world to share their every thought/action with the public, and practically has their own language (FF, DM, RT, etc). It has over 600 million users and is arguably the best social media tool available for real-time communication. But with over a billion tweets sent every 48 hours (over 9000 tweets per second), it’s a tough battle to ensure yours are standing out in a good way. How do you make certain that people won’t just scroll right past your pithy sales message (<— psst, that’s your first problem), but will instead “favorite”, retweet or reply to it?

There’s no magic formula for being a tweet genius, but there are a few tips and tricks to make tweeting more worthwhile for you AND your customer.

1) Be authentic and conversational. The last thing people want to hear is another obvious sales message. Twitter is meant to be conversational, a fun way to communicate and share funny, interesting, relevant content with your followers. It’s all about creating an image for your brand and using that voice to give your customer a better sense of who you are.

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2) Establish a good tweeting schedule. Since Twitter is all about real-time conversation and a users’ home page is constantly being updated with the latest tweets, it’s important to tweet often. The trick is tweeting often enough to stay top of mind WITHOUT tweeting so much that you look like spam. A good middle ground tends to be once every hour or two.

3) Be quick to respond. Engaging with followers is half the battle to becoming a successful tweeter. It’s important to monitor your Twitter account for questions, comments and mentions in order to create a loyal fan base. It’s one of the best customer service tools available so be sure to use it to your advantage!

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4) Pay attention to trends. It’s important to stay on top of trending topics and the latest news in order to make the most out of your conversations. Not only does a trending hashtag get your message in front of a larger audience, but it also makes your brand look smart and informed.

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5) Keep it short and sweet. There’s really no need to use all 140 characters with your tweets. Keeping both the message and hashtag shorter makes your tweet more “retweetable”. Use photos when possible as tweets with photos drive much higher engagement.

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So there you have it. You’re ready to go out and test out your new tweet genius skills and create worthwhile tweets for you and your followers! And in case you can’t remember our rules, a little help from Dr. Seuss may do the trick!





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