Jul 13

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Roll With the Changes

When REO Speedwagon counseled us to roll with the changes, could they have foreseen the almost daily pace of Facebook feature changes & introductions? (You thought I was going to go with the Bowie reference there, didn’t you?)

Well at NetWeave we’re still rolling with the latest changes here on Facebook. Have you noticed any of these new features on your profile or page yet? Tell us in the comments below.

Events Page

There is a new events page with the choice of either list or calendar views. Finally, a calendar view. Ironic how long THAT took considering that the Events icon has been a calendar page for years.

Taking years to develop a calendar view on Facebook was almost as significant as McDonalds stumbling across the idea to put lettuce and tomato on a hamburger (I’m looking at you McDLT with your hot side hot and your cool side cool).

Sharing Posts from Liked Pages

Facebook once again very quietly rolled out a feature that they bill as an enhancement, while most users consider it another privacy problem.  If you have liked a page anytime in the past, that page’s posts may now be showing up in your friends’ News Feeds regardless of whether or not you have shared them. Have you noticed any such activity in your News Feed?

They’re not “bugs”, they’re “undocumented features!” (photo credit: All Facebook)


Rotating Ads

The third of the trio for this week is a new advertising test Facebook is conducting in certain markets with “rotating ads” for your home page. According to All Facebook, If you stay on the page too long, Facebook will very cordially switch out the ads on the fly in hopes of finding one you will click on. Isn’t that nice of them?! Normally, I have to refresh my page just to see the ads change! [/sarcasm]

You’re right, that IS better!


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