Apr 17

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4 New Facebook Tools for Fan Pages

By now the Facebook pages for your business or organization have been converted to the new Timeline format. With this change has come some new tools designed to help page admins highlight content and engage with fans. Here are the four tools we believe you should pay attention to.

In-box Messaging — Now people can communicate with your business without having to post their comments on the public wall by sending a message, similar to the manner in which individuals have always been able to send private in-box messages to one another. With business pages, messages can only be initiated by page followers. This offers a better opportunity for grievances or personal account issues to be handled in a private manner while also benefiting from the immediacy social media offers. Page admins should get into the habit of checking the admin panel often for new messages because it won’t show up as a Facebook notification.

Pin It — Pinning seems to be trendy these days and now fan pages have the ability to “pin” a post to the top of the Timeline. The pinned post will remain at the top of the Timeline for seven days, after which time if it is still relevant you may re-pin the post to the top of the page. To “pin” the post, hover over the right-hand side of your post (after it has been posted) and select the edit tool. You’ll get a drop down menu of options and pin it is the first option. Things worth pinning include upcoming events, coupon codes or weekly specials.

Highlights — When you make a post you have two size options for displaying that post on your timeline. The default is for the post to sit on one side of the Timeline’s center line. If you click the star icon on the right-hand side of the post you can highlight it, meaning it will expand to fit the entire width of the wall. This is a fantastic way to display photo albums. Consider displaying a postcard montage of a featured real estate property as a highlighted post. Or perhaps you have a new product — why not show off the details with a highlighted post.

Milestones — Timeline literally offers your company or organization the ability to tell your story. Milestone posts allow you to back date posts to share your company’s history and organization’s key achievements. Click the milestone icon in the update status box to post when your business was founded, when you moved into a new location, or when an employee received a noteworthy honor.

Using these tools will help you have more control over how your followers experience the flow of information you have to share. If your business needs further direction in how to best utilize the new Timeline format, contact us about our training and coaching services.

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