Feb 13

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Social Media for Job Hunters

Tonight we got to speak to the students of ITT Tech in Bradenton about using social media as part of a job hunt. We thought we’d blog some resources here that they – and anyone else looking for a job – can use in their quest.

Situational Awareness

Employers are checking social media on applicants and interviewees, and they’re doing so in record numbers.  It’s naive not to consider these facts in your job hunt:

Job Searching Infographic

Rule #1 – Do No Harm

Even if you don’t want to actively use social media to aid in your job hunt, at least don’t give a potential employer a reason NOT to hire you!  Do the basic work of doing a Google search on yourself to see what comes up – if anything negative does appear, visit the site and see if the content can be removed either by you or via a respectful request.  If not, you have some work to do creating enough positive material on the web to naturally push that negative material off the front page at least.  The two main things Google searches for are how many sites link to the site in question, and how new the content is.  Creating active, healthy, positive social media profiles on several services can naturally put you at the top of the search heap since there will be lots of back links and the content will be fresh.

Also, go through your existing social media accounts and sanitize them by looking for pictures or posts they may be misinterpreted (or in some cases accurately, but negatively interpreted) and deleting them.

Leverage Your Assets

To really beat your competition, follow some advice by real employers on how to effectively use social media in a job hunt. Remember, no matter what field you trained in, the field you’re going into is sales. Unless you are in one of a very few rare professions, you are going to need other people to succeed, and that means you have to sell them on you, your ideas and your capabilities. Approach your job hunt that way and conduct it like a professional.

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