Feb 22

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Is Your Company Pinteresting?

NetWeave now offers Service for Pinterest

If you monitor the buzz about social media platforms, you’ve probably heard a lot about Pinterest lately. Pinterest allows users to create virtual “pinboards” that feature pictures and graphics that revolve around themes of the users choosing. For instance, a user may create a cooking pinboard that has photos of dishes (and their recipes) that the user likes or wants to try. Fashion boards, wedding boards or travel boards are just a few of the popular themes you find while browsing the service.

And we do mean popular. Pinterest has hit 10 million users faster than any other social media on record, and they are growing by leaps every day. This is the perfect time to beat your competition to the punch by establishing your presence on the growing network.

How does a business leverage the Pinterest phenomenon? Attractions can pin photos of rides, exhibits, classes, gift shop items, etc. Hotels can create pinboards of things to do and see in the area. A menu pinboard would be perfect for a restaurant. For a retail store, picture a pinboard of “What’s New” items that you can snap photos of as you unpack shipments.

The possibilities are endless, and with NetWeave they’re easy and affordable too. Ask us how you can get started with our Pinterest setup and management introductory special, and you’ll be sure your customers will find you pinteresting!

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