Feb 21

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Facebook Rolls Out Timelines for Pages

If you’ve spent more than a couple of minutes on Facebook, you know how much they like to change things to keep it fresh and, hopefully, relevant to users. You also know that every once in a while, Facebook rolls out a major change which generally starts with individual user profiles and eventually encompasses business pages.

It’s that time again.

Late last year, Facebook rolled out “Timeline” which was a major overhaul of user profiles which included a large “cover photo” to express yourself, and a chronologically-ordered list of your posts and Facebook activity. On February 29th, industry experts expect that Facebook will introduce “Timelines for Business” at their inaugural marketers conference. As all such major Facebook changes have, this new format is expected to roll out first to a few major beta partners, and then eventually to all business users.

Will you be ready for the change? If you’re already a NetWeave customer, you are. We’ll handle the transition for you seamlessly and at no extra charge. If you’re not part of the NetWeave family yet, now might be a good time to join us.

In any case, you’ll need to be sure you have a good cover photo and profile picture ready to go no doubt.  And, if you make use of custom tabs, chances are good you’re going to encounter at least a width change, so be ready for that.  While no official announcements have been made yet, here is an educated guess at the new format by German social house 247Grad.  So, what do you think? Are you ready?

Timeline for Pages Mock-Up

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