Oct 10

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Facebook Resources

Today we’re talking Facebook for business with our friends at the US Swim School Association. So we’re putting up a few helpful resources for those kind folks and everyone else who could use a tip or two. First off, some basics like difference between Profiles and Pages:

For more on just how big Facebook has gotten, see Brian Solis’ recent blog post with helpful charts. Also, here’s a great article on HubSpot of 30 Facebook tips, most of which we covered in the workshop. Folks also wanted to know the best ways to gain fans and engage them. We covered a few in class, but here are some more ideas… and a few more.

Cheat Sheet

We threw a lot of facts and figures at people today, but thankfully our friends at DreamGrow have captured those all in one handy cheat sheet:

Even now these numbers are racing to obsolescence. Note the massive change is status length that was rolled out on September 21! Here’s our original post on that 9/21 wave of changes.

Helping people find you

One of the techniques we didn’t get to talk about for increasing your visibility is tagging others in your posts.  Remember, Pages can’t tag Profiles, but they can and should tag other Pages.  But only do it when it contributes to the conversation! You wouldn’t run around plastering flyers for your business on other businesses’ doors would you? And if you would, please stay out of social media.  If you need to remember how to tag:

You can also post on other Pages when you are “using Facebook as page”, but again, only when it contributes to the conversation! You can also increase visibility of your page by sharing:

Another great way to get quality connections is by using Facebook Ads. Find these quickly by clicking on “Edit Page” and then “Resources.”  Also on the Resources tab is a link for sending invitations to your email list!

More Resources

Things move pretty fast on Facebook, and tomorrow there will be more changes no doubt.  A good place to keep up with changes, and to find out new services and trends are blogs.  Check out Mashable,  Tech Crunch and Social Media Examiner for a start.

There are also tons of third-party apps you can add to your page to do things like add a custom tab (try iFrames for PagesLujure or Lujure Express) or run a contest or sweepstakes (try Wildfire). There is even a way you can check your page’s Edge Rank.

Finally, to help on the creative side, try istockphoto or Dreamstime for stock photos and clip art or even FreePlay Music for royalty free music to go with your videos and slide shows.

As we find good or more current articles to add on here, we’ll keep this up to date, so please check back soon and often. And for those of you that had the dedication to read all the way to the end, we reward you with a copy of our Tuesday General Session presentation on Social Media for business which you can find in intro presentation 1011.

UPDATE: Here’s a good article on the new Facebook insights we looked at in class.

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