Sep 13

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Facebook and LinkedIn Resources

I recently spoke with a business group on the merits of Facebook and LinkedIn for business use.  Since our chat was all too brief, I wanted to place some resources on our website for attendees to refer to when they needed to know more. It occurred to me everyone may like to see such a list, so I decided we should do it as a blog post, and here it is.

At a Glance

For folks who know little to nothing about either or both services, LinkedIn and Facebook can look confusingly similar, but although they both constantly vie for each other’s customers, they both have their strong and weak points that make them the right tool for some, though maybe not others. Here’s the breakdown:

By the Numbers

Facebook is by far the 800-pound gorilla of social media. They have over 750 million members worldwide and over 200 million in the US. Over 80% of adult Americans under age 35 have Facebook accounts, and even 30% of those over age 55 do. Almost half of Facebook’s users log in every day, and half of those do so on a mobile device.  They also stay on Facebook for an average of 25 minutes/session! A new study also indicates that 57% of those who connect to a brand on Facebook do so for special offers.

By contrast, LinkedIn is still down around the 100 million member range worldwide, but the population of members on LinkedIn is overwhelmingly older and more affluent than the average Facebook user. Minorities are also significantly underrepresented on LinkedIn:

Takeaway: Know where your audience is before you decide a platform is wrong or right for your company. 

Getting more information:

Beginners hungry for more information on social media and permission-based marketing should check out the following resources:

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