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Southwest Florida’s Social Media Agency

Social media agency services offered by NetWeave fall into three main categories:

Social Media Agency Services: ManagementSocial Media Agency Services: TrainingSocial Media Agency Services: Speaking

NetWeave is Manatee County’s original social media agency. Whether you need someone to show you how to run your social media effectively, or you need someone to do it for you, NetWeave can help. Click one of the icons above to find out more about each type of social media service we offer. Or complete the survey below to tell us more about your company and what you may need, and one of us will be in touch soon to connect you with what you need!

Now, if you try to have us, or any other social media agency, take 100% of the social media workload off your plate, we’ll do a good job of it, yet your social media program will be nowhere near as effective as it could be. We just don’t know the business like you do, and we’re not there every day immersed in the culture and the goings on. But trying to do it all yourself doesn’t work either. You’re not a social media expert, and hiring one full time is an expense that’s probably not in your budget. Where’s the affordable middle ground? Let’s both work together as a team on content creation from the inside of the organization, and the integrated communications planning that unites social with all of the other efforts your company is undertaking so that everything is part of a unified whole.

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